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porvfdyseo : My computer doesn't save anything I download. Is there any way to fix this? If so, how?

When I try to download something, only the the 'run' option shows up - then it tries to run the program, even though it's not downloaded on my computer yet so it doesn't work. I need to get the option back, so I can save things onto my computer again.

Any suggestions?

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BuyAbilifyST : IE 9 automatically stores downloads in the download folder. That is the reason you see RUN. Look in the folder and u will see your downloads.
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innonryness : click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab, and click the Reset... button at the bottom.

this will reset IE to it's defaults, including the setting for Prompting for downloads.
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ClalavyVagDug : hi Emmiieba..., in every computer there is two files fat and fat32 even if you have ntfs you still havbe these files they support your windows or your computer system. so emmiie what is happening is that your computer files is not working for you anymore so i recommend that you take your computer and all of your software to a computer repairman and tell him that what is happening and that you would like him to format your hard drive and reinstall your windows again using new drivers. now by doing this he will improve your datbase using the obdc and strengthen your system. it is very good for your computer but just by some chance that you know how to format your hard drive than delete the petitions. but it is very involved andif you do not know what you are doing than it can be more trouble than what you think. good luck hope i was helpful to you
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jajidmeu : I have windows movie maker but it has way to few tools to work with, and when i tried lightworks it was too confusing and disorganized, i was wondering if there was something in between. Id like to be able to use multiple audio layers and manipulate the audio, and i need multiple video layers as well, and hopefully easy ways to add title sequences and effects.
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imallyFleeD : It would cost about $8,200.00 to pay them off.

I have no problem paying them on time but I can't help thinking it would be cheaper to pay them all at once.
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indiananimator : Your first problem will be qualifying for a loan large enough to pay off all the cards. Unsecured loans are not easy to get. You won't be seeing a low interest rate either.

Shifting the debt from the credit cards to one bit loan often becomes a bigger problem when the person runs the credit cards back up. Then you have the big loan payment and the credit cards.

The fact that you are carrying balances on 6 or 7 credit cards tells me that you are not doing a very good job of managing your finances. You need to address the reason you ran up those balances. Take a very close look at your spending habits. Sit down and make a real budget. Look for ways to cut back expenses and live below your income.

Take every penny you can squeeze from that budget and throw it at the highest interest rate credit card, while making minimum payments on the rest. When you get the highest interest rate card paid off, move to the next till they are all paid in full.

Then only charge what you can afford to pay in full every month.
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UplineonelI : Highly unlikely a bank would loan you the cash.

I suggest cutting all fun and games and live on basic stuff till you pay them off. Check out Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.
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Megeshoug : If you can pay 10% per month on each account, in 12 months you'll be debt free.
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preermrax : If your parents trust you, make them a deal ( in writing ! and honor it religiously !! )

You will save on interest, and they will gain.

But first you need to prove you can curb your spending.
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