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ziperhapsem : I have three credit Cards two with 300.00 limits and one with a 500.00 Limit. And a car loan on a 2006 Malibu LT through PSECU with an interest rate of 4.71 % Also, my credit age is 4 months according to Credit Karma which is acurate with what is reported never missed a payment on credit cards or car. Never plan to either. Even have a fund worth of 3 months of my car payments and credit card payments ( Min required ) In addition I pay 150.00 extra towards the principal on my car payments are 279 and I try to pay the balances completly off on my credit cards in full every month which general I succed about 80 % of the time. Never exceds 35 % before I pay the balances so well below the 25% limit or less you should strive for.

Any tips or advice? I plan on taking student loans out next year. for around 2000 - 4000 the rest is covered through grants. Then I would LIKE to purchase a home. And attend college AGAIN for a higher degree in same study which would be around 2000 to 4000 due to grants as well. Any helpful tips hints would be appreciated. Trying to build a strong credit history, score, as well as a HIGH LIMIT. Any information, ideas, or whatever would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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oem software buy : best advice slow down you are moving so fast that you are not going to have any life. Paying your existing debts off will give a good score too much credit at a time can actually cause your credit to fall very fast
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alkaclemype : Two suggestions:

1) If you must borrow to attend college, be sure to obtain a federal and not a private student loan. You are financially savvy, which puts you ahead of your peers. However, despite your planning something unforeseen may happen when it comes time to replay your student loan. Dept. of Education loans offer many repayment plans that private lenders simply do not have.

2) You sound like me as I was 30 years ago. My only regret was not taking time to travel when I had the opportunity. I realize now life is not a race, and I wish I would have taken the opportunities available to me to study abroad while I was an undergraduate.

Good luck!
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WronryCok : You are on a good track, but hold off on the house until you have been employed a couple of years {after college} (and your car and other loans are paid off).

Car, house, and college would be too much all at once.

>> you would do much better to pay your cc-s off in full rather than paying $150 extra on the car payment, as 4.71% is a sweet, low rate compared to the cc rates. - and build up your savings for college and emergencies [to say: 2000 - 3000$] You might even be better off making regular payments on the car and taking out less student loans if the interest is significantly higher. {at 6% or 7% I would take the student loans, but at 8 or 9% - I would think hard.}

>> sketch out a financial plan for the next ten years.
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browadonha : however at the american games athletes were basically not state funded while this lot get around 100 million a year from the lotto and state.. money well spent?
ha ha.. I note most medals were won at things expensive equipment needs to be bought, like push bikes, boats, horses and things,
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foelanalf : Money well Spent? I suppose it depends on how you value sport within society. I personally place quite a high value on it. I like nothing better to see someone from Britain doing well in an event. Lots of countries have state funding for their sports people so to compete on a fairly level playing field you are going to have to do the same. Weather the olympics was the right place to focus all that money is open to debate.

It would be nice to see the olympics as an amateur competition but that will never happen. The amateur side of things would be circumnavigated by to many countries.
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josede73sk : I, on the other hand don't think it has any value, especially when there are people - sleeping on the streets, in inadequate care homes and most kids leave school unable to read or write. I think the money could have been better spent elsewhere, but that's my opinion.

A lot of the sports are elitist but that what happens with lottery funding it goes to the middle classes & funds their interests, like the opera, elitist sports etc.

poor folk spend their money on the lottery & rich folk spend it.
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Sleeryrub :
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HibeUnrerie : can we afford that now?

Yea, Obama spent 800 billion on a stimulus that ended a depression and the funds went to the middle class and poor, but why should I be upset about that?
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DoftTeetterie : The stimulus wen to unions!! Union fat cats, like teachers making $45,000 per year (average teacher pay)!! LOL
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