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MeggansFK : Its a new fragnance from Versace and has a very nice smell

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elsebeth9 : If u shop online try I saw it there.
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csyez011 : Sephora probably has it.
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Heftteext : I have found that this site carries them normally but sometimes they run out.
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esyez011 : For clothing I love love love my chiffon shirts, mostly now since it's slowly transitioning into spring. I love bright colors, and although i have been obsessed with neutral colors and pastels, apparently bright colors such as fuchsias and blues/reds are trending. I have a bright, light blue chiffon shirt that's a button up, and I can't even express in words how much I love it haha.

For shoes, I'd go with my nude heels. They match almost everything

Accessories, I'd go with my studs from JewelMint, thay're the Audrey Hepburn inspired diamond studs that are shaped like stars, because I love the way they sparkle in the daylight, but also at night.
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Opeomernf : My best trousers, which are smart grey flannels.
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WeemArgurceek : I love everything purple! I have many purple blouses...
I like boots with low heels.
I don't use any jewellery, but I like to wear sunglasses.
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SorBDrary : Arabian Nights Bracelet
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EpildKitillek : Okay so im going to stretch my ears. only to about a 12 or possibly 10 so not big at all. anyways. right now i just have the normal size earring from when i pierced my ears. is it okay to jump from that size and start at a 14g? or should i try to start with like a 16g ? And seriously people if you think its nasty then get off this question. im doing it. so get over it. If you look at pics a 12 or 10g is tiny.. so quit complaining about how gross it is. i DONT care.
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gestundurgire : if your ears are periced for atleast 6 months start with the smallest one. f you keep jumping sizes, thell blow out(not literaly but like get scabby so you can strectch them any more)
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