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buy neopoints : I dont have any christmas clothes so i was just going to wear jeans,uggs,a black top that says i love ninjas on it with a red tank top under it,dangly green earrings,and a key necklace. What do you suggest i change and how should i wear my hair?

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GuttwersBeefs : I think you picked a nice outfit to wear! For some christmas spirit why not wear a santa hat or reindeer antler headbands? it shows your sprirt for the holidays! or just do a simple twist with the hair closest to your face, or even a braid, and pin it back with some bobbypins!

Merry Christmas! (well... early christmas!)
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aeroreimumb : I am fresh out of ideas of things to wear to school i will list all my jeans and some types of shirts and accessories with numbers and for your answer just type the numbers like a combo, please put multiple combos so i have a good variety thanks

1. dark denim flare jeans
2. light wash flare jeans
3. dark denim skinny jeans
4. purple skinny jeans
5. gray skinny jeans
6. fitted graphic tee
7. flowy tank tops
8. crop tops with tanks under
9. button up shirts unbuttoned
10. long necklace
11. simple necklace
12. bracelets
13. rings (what kind)
14. scarves
15. short balck ankle booties w/ buckle
16. blue double layer converse
17. flat boots in black
18. ugs
and if you have any more recommendations of things that arent on the list please let me know thanks
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FelmtemnDiept : 3.

That's what I would wear :)
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dypeadusYpe : OMGZ. You have such cute clothes. I would say wear your purple skinny jeans with a crop top and tank. Then wear a cute matching scarf and the ankle booties. Maybe a simple ring and a couple matching bracelets.
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TeeFThescen : 2 9 14 17
6 3 16 10
just two ideas but all i think is stay away from uggs most of the time...dik i just think they are warm but not fasionable
And for rings i like bulky rings
Also i have a leather jacket in brownish and i love it i wear it with flowy shirts...scarves... anything
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poenceRaipleKip : yay i love making outfits for people! :D

4, 6, 14, 16

5, 9, 10, 12, 15

3, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17

and other recomendations-
dark denim skinnies, tight grey/other color long sleeve shirt, uggs.
^ a lot of girls at my school wear this :D

Hope i helped!
Good luck
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Accopidanda : 5 17 14 & if you have any solid color shirt/tshirt

3/4/5 6 15/16/17

7 10 3/4/5

8 3/4/5 15/16/17

& any of them with 13 or 12
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EricRU : -5,6,9,16 optional:14 <--if we are talking about like a bright plaid shirt
-4,17, 7,
-7, denim or bright cotton shorts,tights, 17,10/11
-high-waisted bodycon skirt,8,14, tights, & 17or15
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shjica4369 :
How Can I tone it down?
My fiance and I are going to my familys christmas party tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear really. I know for sure I am going to wear the dress( remember grey not red) and my engagement ring. I'm planning on having my hair down and wavy but thats it. The dress hits me about mid-thigh, and i'm 5'4'' so it isn't to bad.

but how can i tone it down?
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