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Immerearbed : I have no idea how I'm supposed to find a corsage to match my dress. I don't want a green flower, but white might look weird. My dress has diamond accents. Any help as to what my corsage should look like?

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sotojewimi : i have seen silver colored roses, that might work for you
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Layetelaydrax : Look at the photo on the link that is in the middle at the lower part of the page. It is a corsage made of peach colored flowers and they tell you what kind of flowers so a florist in your area could make it up. Peach looks fabulous with olive green!! : }
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grearoriure : So my friend found a credit card on the ground, and he used it for 30$ prepaid on a game, he did the purshase on his iphone on the 3G internet, and he wrote his old adress with old zip. We live in canada. Can he get caught because i told him not to, but he did, i dont want him in trouble. He only used 30$ though.
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goodevry11 : Your friend is guilty of credit card fraud. The charge will not go through as the billing address has to match the one on the credit card account. Since your friend used an old address of his, the charge will be denied and most likely flagged as fraudulant. The credit card company will ask the site to investigate and will likely be able to trace the purchase attempt back to his phone. Dumb thing to do for only $30 on a game.
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tasnkmikoo : Ok, so let's say my last statement balance was on 08/16/2013 for $600. My payment due date is 09/13/2013. I used my card a few more times so my balance went up to about $960. I decided to make a full balance payment on 09/02/2013 of the $960. I have and will continue using the card to make more purchases before my payment due date on 09/13/2013.

So my question is... am I still required to pay off the new balance I have just accrued since my last payment on 09/02/2013 by the payment due date on 09/13/2013 before interest charges are applied? Or does this new balance get applied on my next statement which is on 09/16/2013? If so, does that mean my next payment isn't due until my next payment due date in October before I am charged any interest?
I can't find an answer to this anywhere on the internet...

I hope this isn't worded too confusingly and I would appreciate any answers. Thanks.
The reason I am concerned about this is because I earn interest on my checking account which is calculated APY and applied on the first day of every month. So I would like to hold off on my credit card payments until I receive the APY every month so that I get the most out of it.
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SkipSnuntee : One simple way to look at it is every month when your payment is due, pay the statement balance (which may be less than the current balance). As long as you pay at least the statement balance, you won't pay interest.
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orabashioks : You're good. You only had to pay the $600. As long as you pay the statement balance before the due date every month, you don't get charged interest. (However, if you pay less than the statement balance any month, then you get charged interest for at least two months. It's weird.)
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hhhdddttgkju : no secured cards please. and don't tell me to fix my credit score first. I am aware of this thank you.
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poequeexpep : Not at a score that low. It sounds like you got into a lot of trouble with credit cards already. Why are you trying to get another one? Wouldn't you think a smarter idea would be to... lay off the credit for a while?
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