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Lethytero : So this is my new wedding set(: My husband and I was wondering about how much it was worth since we got it at a huge discount.

The diamond in the middle is 1/4 c. and the smaller diamonds equal up to be 1 c. So all together I have a 18K white gold ring and 1 1/4 c, diamonds
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gggggssssss : Ok I'll take my best guess, $2400
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enurmouse : In California? We do our taxes together. I quit my fyll time job 2 years ago. I have a 720 score. I have a part time job now but only work weekend since im a full time student. So i make about $500 a mont. My husband makes about $2500 a month. If i apply for a credit card can i combine our income?
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joelkins : I just redeemed a 15 dollar gift card for iTunes and before I bought anything I checked my credit from the card and it said I had $9.56 left. What happened?!
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EricRU : You probably bought something for the cost of $5.44 before you had any credit on your account, so naturally they put it on hold and waited for you to deposits some money, which they took from.
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9ord135n : I told him he is an idiot and the airline company with cancel his ticket will they do it or will he get a free ticket, I doubt the airline company will let him ride for free
you mean the one they put terrorist on?
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majkhnxm : If he doesn't pay for the ticket they will cancel it.
And probably put him on a no fly list.

The no fly list is for any offence involving airline travel.
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ChetAnned : Of course they will cancel fact, if he tries to use the ticket, they will assume he is the person that tried to commit fraud and have him detained and possibly arrested.
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BedoPearrr : I'm 20 years old, when I was 18 I bought a cell phone and signed a 2 year agreement with Verizon, unfortunately I lost my job and wasn't able to make the payments after 3 months...I currently owe them $375 and it has been reported as uncollectible/written off by Verizon and it is on my credit report.

Since than I have educated myself on how to acquire credit and what not, I got myself a secured credit card about 9 months ago, I also got a Walmart, best buy, and target store credit card, I have taken advantage of the interest free financing if paid in full offered by Walmart and best buy, I carry a balance on both of them cards but I make the required monthly payment and they will be paid off in full within the interest free period. My target and secured credit card I pay off the balance every month and only use 15%-20% of my credit limit.

My current FICO score is 622, should I be doing anything differently? as for the Verizon thing on my report, if I pay it off will it be taken off my credit report? will my score go up a fair amount?

Any other advice on credit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I have not been late with any payments on any of my cards, the only negative thing is the Verizon account.
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Timd84 : You are doing the only thing really possible. If you pay off the collections account, it will not be taken off your credit report (that takes 7 years), however, it will read Paid/$0 balance which is the best you can hope for. Alternately, you can try to reach a settlement with the collections agency that will also report a $0 balance but it will read "Paid/Settled" which indicates you did not pay the entire balance. Both will raise your score a bit, but the second one (Paid?Settled) will indicate to possible creditors that you do not pay your bills in full and can lead to rejection (even with a good score) or higher interest rates.

Remember that many creditors do not look just at your score, but will look at the report to get an indication of your overall paying habits. As long as the collection account stays on your report as unpaid, creditors will see it and many will reject you - even with a top score.
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