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doorriels : criminal damage jeans bleeding heart jeans monkee genes jeans

i love all these but if you only know one thats fine! i just really like them! ;D
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priendife : nice to find someone else into blue banana for a change :D
Your best bet would be to search it on LOADSA clothing sites. the criminal damage homepage for example. Ebay is another safe bet, as is Amazon.
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Maccullam : And since mine six months ago was 750 and then dropped to 470 due to non-payment of debt can the going up in numbers of the score itself be taken care of in a matter of months.
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aaliyah979 : Debit cards and prepaid reloadable debit cars will not affect your credit score at all, neither positively nor negatively.
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aviatiogfs : Is the amex card from bank of america treated as an american express card?

I am looking to book tickets on shows where it says presale for american express members. Does this mean i can also apply if i have bank of america amex card?
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xurzlwmz : So i was thinking of using my credit card for things i used alot. Like gas primary. But i was also thinking of using it to have it charge my my car payement. I have a good security job so im able to make payements on it. If i were to use it for only on car payement and on gas. Would that be a good idea? I wont use it for nothing else period. Money i save up would be for card payement and savings. Thanks....i was just thinking about this and also to increase my credit score alot.
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biorbslorie : For a car loan, that's like using a loan shark to pay of a bank loan. I would not think you would be allowed to take a loan to pay another loan, might have to do it with a massively high interest cash advance to make a car payment.
You will accumulate the best credit rating (which can make the interest ion the next car or house loan cheaper), if you pay off your credit card every month.
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Yopemrlde : yes
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Mobfabybrirty : Do you mean your monthly car payment? If so, most lenders will not accept payments from a credit card as they have to pay a fee.
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tredtieda : Are u doing that to build credit ? Are u going to pay it every month anyway? Even if its allowed, why would U do that? It's twice the loan, and like with most credit cards these days, u prob have a higher interest rate on your credit card which would make it more like a triple loan! I make 6 figures and am having a hard time paying back student loans. I also work in a very in demand field where works always available to me AND I'm in a big time union so I have super job security. I would never do what u just spoke of. The only loans I've ever used were for school. Cash for everything else including car payments , repairs and gas. If u can't afford to fix and feed it, u shouldn't have it. Bottom line. Job security means nothing if u can't manage your money. Read total money make over by Dave Ramsey - I just started to and it's so not my thing but it has changed my life.
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