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meslefectra :

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Sleeryrub : really nice
good taste for summer
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eraractiorO : Sooo cute ?
I think it depends on how your built though. If you're a little chubbier it might make you look bigger. Trust me , this is from personal experience (: lol
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RoorINuhbor : I'm a freshman at a major college university and just opened a credit union bank account there. I went to my bank and used my credit card to get a $250 loan yesterday (the 9th of the month). Do I have until the end of the month to pay it, or do I have 1 month from that day to pay it?
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acilivesserma : You will get the statement within the next 30 days. The exact date depends on where you are in the billing cycle. If you call the customer service number on the back of the card they should be able to tell you. When it comes, you need to make at least the minimum payment.
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yexiyexi019 : I owed about $6000 in credit card debts that went into collection agencies in 2010. My concern is that I am about to get a job and I would like to get my credit score up. I went to chase bank and they told me about their unforgiveness policy so basically they wont lend me money even 7 years after I have paid off that debt. I also read only that the debt has to come off my credit report 7 years after it was charged off no matter wether I pay for it or not. My concern is, what are my best options now:
1. Open a secure credit card to build up a new credit history and settle the debt
2. Open a secure credit card to build ... and leave those debts until they come off alone
3. Open a secure cc ... and pay in full directly through the bank and not the collection agencies
4. any advice :)
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Kifeinfeteeks : Just pay it. $6000 isn't that much (I had 17K and got it paid off), most collection agencies will take payments or accept a settlement, and 7 years is a long time to have that hanging over your head, plus they can still take you to court over it. Also, your credit score has nothing to do with getting a job.
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enurmouse : Pay in full. Do not settle.
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aviatiogfs : As you found out, a charge off stays on your credit reports for 71/2 year whether it's paid or not. If you refuse to pay the default, no bank or finance co would approve you for any type of credit, secured or unsecured. If you try to settle for less, they will report the deficiency to the credit bureau so your best option is to pay it in full. Make sure you get in writing first and send them a money order to a bank check.
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exeveable : what would happen if i tried to use my credit card it runs out . what would happen if i tried to use my credit card it runs out
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