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aculsosysat : I believe the brand name is Faith but that's all I've been able to figure out.

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Enrinueexpess : Ohhhhh.. Hmmm that is going to be hard!!! Look online, dillards,macys, charlotte russe...
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VakemeeniaCam : title of credit card. title of credit card
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tiesiachush : I am 22 years old. I am currently a full time student at UIC(I graduate in May 2014). My fiance and I were looking at rentals around our area, but we figured if we could, we might as well just buy while the market is rising.

I have had credit since I was 18, and up until recently it was a 720. Due to me having to take 2 classes over the summer in order to graduate on time, i was unable to work my 2nd and 3rd job that i usually work over the summer and was not able to make payments on all of my accounts.

I had to prioritize, so I decided that i would put all my money towards car payment and rent. I just bought my car in December and have not missed a payment. Deciding to only pay these two things and save the rest, it brought my credit score down to 522 (according to

3 weeks ago i payed off all my debts instead of settling because i though it would be easier to rebuild my credit than to just erase the last 4 years of credit and start over.

I started working a part time job mon-fri 6-10PM yesterday. It is through a school district that has full benefits and pays 10.20 an hour with a 50 cent raise every year that you are there. Since i am graduating in May, i will also be finding a full time job during the year while keeping my current job.

My fiance has been working at Cooper's Hawk Winery for the past 4 years. She averages around 30-35 hours a week at 9.50 an hour and also makes tips. She just opened up her first charge card (retail)in march so she doesn't have much credit. Though she is currently on our lease with me if that does anything.

So we are more than capable of affording a monthly mortgage and taxes. We also have around 30k set aside.

So my question is.... Is there anything at all we can do to buy our first home?
We have been shut down twice already =/
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chuyun4841 : join the army
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goodevry13 : Not unless she can qualify on her own. YOU do not even have a full time job and I suspect that money you have and used to pay off the debts was an inheritance.

Rent and work your credit back up for 1 year minimum and 2 years for the best chance.
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csyez013 : Nothing until you get your credit scores up. Minimum for an FHA backed loan is 620. You and your fiance will need two years of work history at the income level you are trying to use to buy a home. So if you want something bigger or nicer given you graduate next spring, you will need two years at the full time job to demonstrate that level of income.

You have $30k set aside, yet you let your credit card payments slip? You could have made at least the minimum payments to prevent your credit going in the toilet like that. Consider that a lesson learned.
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hermancndvew : Being denied a mortgage even once, pretty well eliminates your chances of being approved
for quite some time. It is very important to be approved on the first try.
You need to use some of that money and get your debts paid off. Continue renting.
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Tevyemalm : Didn't read your whole post. Bad credit and part time job are enough info to know you won't qualify for a mortgage. Good credit and clean credit reports are a must. The next big factor is sufficient income.

Owning a home is NOT cheaper than renting. There are all sorts of extra costs besides that mortgage payment -- property taxes and assessments, all utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, trash collection), landscape equipment and maintenance, routine maintenance and repairs, etc.
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scoorrido : I don't mean to shoot you down but most homes start at $180,000. Plus you have taxes, homeowners insurance food and car insurance. You should think twice before you decide to move in
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