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Atodiaicomi : I have white Jordan's with blue and orange diamond shapes on the tounge. They're the diamond shape on a sweater vest, and I want a cute girly outfit to wear NOT something extremly ghetto.. Please help!

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fryulgnlrlww : wear some skinny jeans, they always go well with jordans, some girls wear varsity jackets too.
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Molinotuse : skinny jeans, a darker color.
and like someone else said, a varsity jacket or just a plain colored tight shirt.
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reetemics : My son is 20 years old, in college, and I give him money to help him out. Pretty much once a month I put money on his credit card rather than transferring funds into his savings account. Does this hurt his credit rating? (I did call Visa and they said no, but I'm not sure of operator's ability to answer that question.)
I should clarify - most times I pay his card more than he owes, ie he might owe $40 but I put $150 or $200 on the card for him. He does continue to make his minimum payment or pay in full, as he does not count on me giving him money.
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AssibAddilm : If you are making payments on his credit card, then you are actually helping his credit as he is utilizing the credit available to him, and your payments help keep his balance lower.
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pabby : I will be getting married soon, and so I heard my social security number will have to be changed. What happens to old credit history?
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Weanceencable : The only thing that will change on your SS card will be your name. You will keep the same # and credit history.
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Rermcrymn : Your SSN is not changing. The only thing that is changing is the name on the card.
The only time ssn EVER CHANGES is in cases of EXTREME identity theft.
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bwrlrsc827 : You heard wrong...your number DOES NOT change.
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guarrisleliog : You heard wrong. You do not get a new social security number. You update your info to the social security admin and they issue a new card with the new name, same number.

There are very, very few reasons that a new social security number would ever be issued. You will have that same number for life.
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