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esyez011 : For clothing I love love love my chiffon shirts, mostly now since it's slowly transitioning into spring. I love bright colors, and although i have been obsessed with neutral colors and pastels, apparently bright colors such as fuchsias and blues/reds are trending. I have a bright, light blue chiffon shirt that's a button up, and I can't even express in words how much I love it haha.

For shoes, I'd go with my nude heels. They match almost everything

Accessories, I'd go with my studs from JewelMint, thay're the Audrey Hepburn inspired diamond studs that are shaped like stars, because I love the way they sparkle in the daylight, but also at night.

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Opeomernf : My best trousers, which are smart grey flannels.
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WeemArgurceek : I love everything purple! I have many purple blouses...
I like boots with low heels.
I don't use any jewellery, but I like to wear sunglasses.
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SorBDrary : Arabian Nights Bracelet
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TarQuarmDap : call chase and ask about my credit card app. call chase and ask about my credit card app
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EpildKitillek : I have a current credit card that I am having trouble paying off due to the high interest charges. I want to open a new credit card with 0percent interest for a year so that I can use it to pay off my other credit card and then be able to make payments with no interest. The only thing is if I apply for a card and the limit is too small, I will decide not to use it. Will that be a bad thing for me?
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Coinfunlink : applying for the new card caused a hard inquiry which dinged your score a few points. The new account also lowers the average age of account which can lower your score. However, if you first card has a very high interest rate, I suspect you have very little credit history to begin with.

It is unlikely that you will qualify for a 0% interest rate card with sufficient limit to shift your balance. You have to have good credit to qualify and carrying a large balance on another card is a red flag to creditors. It is also not a good idea to shift your debt to another card.

Take a close look at your budget. Eliminate the extras and put every penny you can squeeze on that existing credit card. You have to pay a lot more than just the minimum to make headway -- interest eats up most of that minimum payment.

Look for ways to bring in more cash -- garage sale, collect alum cans, second job. Throw it all at the credit card debt.
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oxpahakhua : The 0% usually only applies to the balance transferred not to new purchases. If you did not pay off new purchases in full every month you would still have to pay the high interest rate.
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weebrorge : I am considering a 5 year repayment plan on a Chapter 13. I have a vehicle as secured debt and the rest is charged off credit card debt, and over 5 years old state income taxes.

My attorney is telling me that I can pay it off early to be discharged sooner by paying 100% of what I owe on the car, taxes, and the other debt ONLY if the creditors file claims. She didn't know if any of the creditors would file claims or not.

I tried settling a few debts with collection agencies, but junk debt buyers are pursuing the remaining balance and considered my settlement only as a payment.

Is my attorney correct by saying ill only have to repay the car and whichever unsecured creditors file a claim?
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HiveGragree : I'm interesting with that credit card, it asking me if i could apply this card so i can getting reward points to purchases for games, related to Sony products, also they had offered $50 PSN will be included in that card. I never owned a credit card before, just a debit card i used that for a half decade. Is it that good idea if i can sign up? I heard about interest rate, hopeful it really doesn't hurt me because i want reward points.
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