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WenBahefforne :

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lialpinsamy : They are called Overpriced. no seriously, they are called Free Runs
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FIDonald : Experian: 500
Equifax: 538
TransUnion: 498

Say my friend wants to take advantage of the system a little further by getting a credit card before either coming into a large sum of money or declaring bankruptcy. Can this person get a credit card anywhere and where, if so?
Preferably also a credit card where you can draw money from an ATM
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andremartin : With a score that low, your "friend" wouldn't even be able to borrow a pen to fill out the application.
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carpinteyrosrj : i need card number
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esyez028 : I am 19 Y.O (over 18, so an adult) and I was stupid and broke one day and my dad had his credit card laying around so I saved the numbers on the card, and bought something online that I really needed for school. I know it was dumb. Anyways I'm going in the military soon and cant have any charges like this.

So anyway apparently my mom called me and said apparently the bank had called and said some suspicious charges had been made on his card and that they were investigating it and asking if i had bought the items.

I denied it and said that I HAD bought foot locker stuff but it had been on my card... I said this bcuz I was hoping that they hadnt checked their online account but that if they did check their online account and saw i had used their card that they might call me and give me a chance to fess up and stop the bank from going thru with the investigation.

anyway, if the bank finds out I used his card on my computer do my parents have a choice in the matter whether they prosecute or not? and what can/should i do? Yes I know my actions were retarded but ppl make mistakes, dont want my life ruined for this
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EromsMestcems : Actually it is in the hands of the bank. You need to tell your parents you lied,so they can hopefully
explain it to the bank before it is too late.
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MotGymnloyano : Well; if you sit down and are honest with them, they can tell the bank they researched it and it was an honest mistake about which card was used. pay the bill and the bank will probably let it go one time.

It's on them though.
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Sleeryrub : Bank will let parents handle. You are still thief dependent. You live there. Wouldn't think you would end up in jail.
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coachoutletolkc : I doubt your parents will prosecute you for what you did so you might as well tell them the truth now instead of later.
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