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tyafhuefg :

i will be wearing ..
Black cargos
White tee
Blak crewneck with white letters n 2 red stars
Some black chucks or maybe red vans
My blak and red watch
And maybe some blak n red diamond socks
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Coinfunlink : I liked the first
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zakladykliczko : Join the Navy and get a flat-hat.
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NicadBatys : Second hat :)
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Roossephaph : So we are leaving for Central Europe in a few weeks and we are still $10,000 short on being fully funded to bring home our two special needs children. We have been fund raising for the last year and have manage to gather "most" of it; but we are still short! Our children's lives literally depend on us getting over there to get them. My credit score is 560 and my husbands in a little lower. However, ALL of our debt is purely medical...we don't have any credit card debt. We have spoken to nearly every bank in town and, of course, no one cares about the circumstance and they look at us like we are insane....I understand....but there HAS to be a way. We own our own home and have roughly $60,000 equity but were denied for a home equity loan as well. We are frustrated and at our wits end. Any suggestions?!! ( Please be kind; you are in no situation to judge)
Okay and FYI: The medical debt is from YEARS ago before we had good insurance coverage. We would not be qualified to adopt if we did not have adequate health insurance....think please
TheHardTruth....again I state that we have been through STRICT government clearances, home study, and completed all paperwork. We are indeed approved to adopt. Our debt to income ratio is good. You cannot see our bank account so dont judge.
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operforGowrib : HELOC was your best bet, safest bet
Family and church are only reasonable options now
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likelucyru : No home girl. If you can't even afford to adopt tge child, you going to go get loans to feed and clothe the child too?
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ImmonyIrobosy : If you have $60,000 in equity, you should be allowed to refinance your mortgage for a higher amount. It's different from a home equity loan which is a separate loan against the equity of the loan. This is literally adding $10,000 on your mortgage.

Usually, those are a little more lenient BUT depending on the type of mortgage you're in now, it could mean penalties for leaving your interest term before its up and other charges.

Try your own bank first to refinance and borrow more against the equity (maybe blend in the penalties to refinance if you don't have the money up front).

Also, every bank has different rules in how much you can borrow against your home. So shop around. For example, sometimes you can only borrow up to 75% of the value of your home. So if your home is valued at $100,000 and you have a mtg of $80,000 left, yes you have $20,000 in equity but you can't borrow against it because you have to have a mtg of $75,000 or less (75% of $100,000).

So that might be what's the issue here. I don't know.

But if you can't get that, you're only fall back plan is to borrow from family or friends.
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Maccullam : And since mine six months ago was 750 and then dropped to 470 due to non-payment of debt can the going up in numbers of the score itself be taken care of in a matter of months.
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aaliyah979 : Debit cards and prepaid reloadable debit cars will not affect your credit score at all, neither positively nor negatively.
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