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FriendXavier : here are some examples:

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Flugsoors : For earphones or headphones (the wires), and there is usually a pocket on the inside to keep your ipod/mp3 player inside.

It's dumb in my opinion, I'd rather have it in my jacket pocket, but that's just me :)
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Unrerolor : im with pnc bank and yesterday i overdrafted my account. i had about $40 in there and spent $80 so i over drafted about $40. when i checked it last night it said -$40 but now this morning it says -$180? what the hell? im a college student and im very knew to the whole debit card and checking account thing so i'm freaking out right now. could someone please give me some sort of answer as to whats going on?
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augmery Parriorkmn : Overdraft fees maybe?
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Effitswes : You have additional charges you forgot about. They had not process when you checked last night.
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srfecti644 : These are overdraft fees. Call the bank and they will tell you. Most banks give you a limited time to pay this off and, if you don't, they close your account and you cannot get a checking account at any bank for seven years (they put this in a system that notifies everyone). So, be careful. Don't do this again. Pay this off within a few weeks.
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kissme2hy8 : You need to go to the bank, sit down and get this figured out. In the meantime - stop using your card (use cash only) and sign up for a math class next semester.
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Dreannacron : There might be a thing you click on to see "recent transactions". If you look at those, there should be an explanation of what other charges came in. I doubt it's all overdraft fees. Maybe you put something on a debit card, and the merchant didn't send it in until last night.
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RoorINuhbor : I'm a freshman at a major college university and just opened a credit union bank account there. I went to my bank and used my credit card to get a $250 loan yesterday (the 9th of the month). Do I have until the end of the month to pay it, or do I have 1 month from that day to pay it?
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acilivesserma : You will get the statement within the next 30 days. The exact date depends on where you are in the billing cycle. If you call the customer service number on the back of the card they should be able to tell you. When it comes, you need to make at least the minimum payment.
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