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ChetAnned : I wanna sell my size 8 retro Jordan black diamond 11's. They still look brand new. How much would I get for them?

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Covastabs : Honestly almost nothing.

I sold 3 large boxes of name brand jackets, shoes, designer jeans, and vera bradley bags I got was $45
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criffwaisse : use a prepaid credit card to be linked with paypal to get paid for online work. use a prepaid credit card to be linked with paypal to get paid for online work
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lialpinsamy : No. Most prepaid cards will not accept money to be added on from paypal except as a refund.

Be aware ALL such 'jobs' are scams.
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VakemeeniaCam : title of credit card. title of credit card
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WheemiGacence : An Old navy Visa versus a Hunnington Bank Credit Card. How do they effect my credit score differently? Is one reported sooner. Does the bank CC have more impact on my score?
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Edillcelf : There is no difference. All credit cards have the same impact on your credit. Each creditor updates monthly to the credit bureaus on their own schedule and likely update to each credit bureau on a different date.

The biggest difference between major bank cards and store cards, even those with logos, is the store cards have higher interest rates. Bank cards usually have better terms -- limits, rewards, etc.
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BererotSire : So I would say a couple months ago I got a credit card. Building credit is difficult to understand at least for me. I don't know if I am building good credit or bad. So I had a 700$ credit limit. As soon as I got it I spent all of it...(I know bad idea) I would say I got the credit card around maybe May 2013 or even March. But I have been making 150$ minimum 450$ maximum payments on it monthly lets say average is 300$ a month. Still hasn't ever really been fully paid off though.(I have been really close to it though) Everything really that I buy is on credit only. I have never been under 50$ on my credit card. So I am building good credit or bad credit? I need to understand what I am doing to my credit and if my spending(I know isn't obviously good) is even helping me build credit really?
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SpovaInnope : If your limit is $700, you shouldn't ever carry a balance of more than about $235 if you don't want to hurt your credit.

It doesn't matter how much you spend in any given month, so long as the amount that you're NOT paying off (i.e. the amount that's being carried over from one month to the next) doesn't exceed about 1/3 of your total credit limit.

Definitely, definitely never EVER miss a payment. Always pay at least the minimum payment ON TIME. If your statement is, say, $500 one month, but your minimum payment is only $35, try to pay at least $300 to keep your balance low. But if you can't pay that much, pay as much as you can in addition to the minimum payment.
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victoriaeannyD : Since you are making large payments monthly to reduce the account balance that's fine.. I suggest you try keep the charges under $500 if possible though.
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