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korelomihu : It's black and the actual watch part is blue and there's a diamond for the 12. On the back it says BASE METAL BEZEL 1108

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Coidgeuneni : what type of credit card have to be linked to paypal for online business. what type of credit card have to be linked to paypal for online business
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reetemics : My son is 20 years old, in college, and I give him money to help him out. Pretty much once a month I put money on his credit card rather than transferring funds into his savings account. Does this hurt his credit rating? (I did call Visa and they said no, but I'm not sure of operator's ability to answer that question.)
I should clarify - most times I pay his card more than he owes, ie he might owe $40 but I put $150 or $200 on the card for him. He does continue to make his minimum payment or pay in full, as he does not count on me giving him money.
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AssibAddilm : If you are making payments on his credit card, then you are actually helping his credit as he is utilizing the credit available to him, and your payments help keep his balance lower.
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Cobfetattaima : I applied for a Chase Freedom Credit Card and wasnt approved. I have been building my credit for the past Year and want to know which banks other than hunnington and US bank are easier to be approved for. Other than Chase
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Jestreems : There is no "easier". They are all pretty much the same. If you have limited credit, you are not going to get the best cards, that includes those without annual fees. If you only have one year of credit history, your credit is very limited.

Don't apply for multiple cards within a short period. That will pretty much guarantee turn downs -- it looks like you are trying to take on too many new lines of credit. Wait at least 3 months (6 is better) before applying for another card.

If Chase turned your down, read the reasons forthe turn down. Other cards will turn you down for that same reason.
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esyez028 : Give me a reason.
thanks. :)
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FriendKennedy : Simply for your own security and identity
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Linafgk7 : Because if it was public information, any person could use anyone else's credit card information...?
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