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Toomadyettasy :


i have more red clothes(im no gangsta)than yellow but the yellow still looks very appealing
i like both but its soooooo hard to choose! which should i get?
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indiananimator : Get the one with the yellow, the red one is hard to read.
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YHrobertWG : The red and blue one looks so much better.
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GGYGYG : I asked my sister to return something for me at a dollar general(paid with debit) she didnt know my pin and pressed credit instead. They didnt say anything and gave her a reciept. Will i get my money back?
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Assinemia : I've been an exotic entertainer for two and a half years on and off. I keep all my receipts, and write down what my earnings and expenses are (i.e. stage tips, income earned, house fee, tip out to staff, business expenses) in a day planner. I have also filed my taxes (schedule C) honestly every year that I have danced.
A couple months ago I was bitten by a hobo spider (about 70% of "brown recluse" bites are actually in fact the hobo spider) and was unable to work for two months. Between not working and bills, and many many doctor visits (no, i do not get welfare or any other assistance) I used all my savings. It almost crippled me financially, and I'm not one of those girls who have "sugar daddies"...
I need to get back on my feet and stop living month to month, I cannot live like this. Its the slow season at work and I'm only able to work a few nights a week.
I have bad credit, but nothing too recent, and no credit card debt. I was stupid once and an ex boyfriend really messed my credit up. I was young, dumb, and in love and I'm still paying the price.
Are the any lenders that will give exotic dancers a loan? Not really looking for a payday loan- the interest rate is crazy high. More like a small $2500-$4500 loan with a payment plan that will give me a little while to pay it back in monthly installments.....

Please only serious answers.....
****** I know "i should find new job, im evil, people dont trust dancers, im a wh0re and slu+, must be bad dancer if I need loan, etc......" blah blah blah...... so please dont bother insulting me because I could care less. Theres no need to be rude, and its not my fault if you have a low self esteem.

I make about 55k-62k a year gross income and claim it on Schedule C tax return. Gross is the total income before expenses.
The reason that I need a loan in the first pkace is due to missing so much work... I dont have family, only an uncle, and couple cousins still alive... I also am a single parent with no help from my ex. I've always been able to take care of my child and myself, and just need a small loan to help me get back to normal. Before the spider bite I was paying off old items on my credit report, but now I can barely afford current bills. I've been working side jobs such as tutoring, decorating, and selling things I buy from yard sales and make over, but I really need to pay off all my current bills and a month of rent in advance. That way I can start saving again because you never know when you'll get injured or sick....
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Syncpropypeg : Honestly I really doubt anyone is going to touch you with bad credit and your employment.

Try Lending Club, maybe
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paasathkaqaas : The biggest problem is that banks just don't do personal loans any longer unless you have near perfect credit.

You can try or They are Peer to Peer lending sites. I can not promise you a loan but they are legit.
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Roafjoydayfew : Being that you are "self employed", and if you can legitimize a small, short term loan as a "small business loan", you might want to try talking to an actual bank. I'd suggest first talking to whatever bank you usually use.
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hafTraill : No income, poor repayment potential, poor credit rating means poor credit risk and very high interest rates

You should work to reduce medical bills, file for financial aid as uninsured, they can cut their bills big time for dr, hospital
You sound too smart to stay in deadend, sleazy industry-- not saying You are
Make a plan for your future
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floalpawl : what credit card would give me a limit of 1000-5,000. what credit card would give me a limit of 1000-5,000
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