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teesmarne : Can anyone give me a general comparison of the two? Is it like comparing a Diamond to a Cubic Zironcia? Visually and how they are formed?

Thanks in advanced!
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lornaemcclurew : A diamond will give you a lot more sparkle and light reflection. Diamond in general is a much harder mineral so won't scratch. Yellow Sapphire is nice for the color, but the sparkle will be considerably less (as will the price).
They are both natural stones (cubic zirconia is man made). A lot of colored diamonds are treated to have that color, naturally colored diamonds are rare and very expensive. Yellow Sapphires are found in that color.
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Jamesgo : 22 years old and just graduated from college. I've had a Wells Fargo credit card for around 2 years now and have always paid it off on time. I started with a $700 limit and now have a $1700 limit on that card. Since I do quite a bit of traveling, I decided to apply for the Chase Blue Sapphire card at a local Chase branch and got approved for the card instantly. I make around $45,000 a year pro-rated as an intern in San Francisco. I expected to get a credit line of $3k-4k. I called up Chase and they gave me a credit limit of $12k? Seriously, what the heck? Do you know why they gave me such a high limit? My Wells Fargo has a credit limit of $48. Over the past two years, I've probably spent $7,000-$8,000 on my Wells Fargo, but usually only $500 at a time and I usually paid the balance off the next day. Thanks.
Meant to say my Wells Fargo credit card has a balance of $48 (not a limit of $48 lol).
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FriendChristian : Credit card issuers have to be aggressive to get new accounts. One of the ways is to be generous with the credit line.

Times are also improved, this is not 2011 or even 2010. More lax standards for credit issuance.
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QuotteApegeve : I bought some products online and used a promo code, and on my pending charges on my credit card the promo code was applied. But on the company's receipt, it shows that the promo code didn't apply. Also, the products were already shipped. Will my credit card be charged extra without the promo code, or will the company have to contact me to authorize the extra payment?
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shielaineshi : See what your statement says. You wait a week, phone the number on the credit card and listen to the recording of your last five purchases. You get that info faster than waiting for your statement in the mail.
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MAjaleesa : It's for an online purchase. Can someone tell me the name of a prepaid you KNOW works internationally?
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profileback498 : I have one credit card a lot inquiries and the only thing I have current is my car, how can I get a better creit score. some of the accounts are old
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