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Veilepype :

I want them SO badly.
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paxilelavill : i thought they activate it after you bought it so i went up they said they activated it and every time i try to buy anything online it says "Please provide a valid credit card number." ??????????
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MusSmurnenusa : I bought some stuff online with my moms credit card (she knows). The order confirmation says this:
Your order on _______ is complete.
You have chosen the PayPal method.
Your order will be sent very soon.
Though I didn't pay with a PayPal account. Is this just another way of saying I payed with a credit card? Sorry if I sound stupid by asking this :/
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MymnIntatte : The seller was most likely using Paypal for their merchant gateway. It's a way for people to be able to accept credit cards online. You don't need a paypal account to purchase something, the seller is just using Paypal to charge your credit card. Your payment goes into their Paypal account, in other words.
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brlad1ley : No, if you entered a credit card number you did not use paypal. Paypal already would have her card number and she would have given you a paypal password to access it as a means of payment using a paypal account. It ma just be a lousy web site, there are more and more of thos these days.
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manstard : I want to move back to my hometown but don't have all the money. I went on the website and they offer an option called *Bill Me Later. I just turned 18 and have no credit or anything. Is Bill Me later an option I can use? and how does it work?
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glubalpcrulge : They check your credit.
There is no way you would qualify.

For your future: Leave bill me later things alone. Stay away from them.
They have so many complaints, they would make anyone's head spin.

When you get your life in order, open a savings account.
That way you can have the money for the things you want.
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ericl2299 : Where does she come up with this stuff? I have used bill me later many times and been totally satisfied. HOWEVER, perhaps Judy's (go with the flow) problem with them was not paying on time or some such those are usually the people who have problems with any creditor that wants to be paid.

You will not qualify with no credit history and being under 21.
Ask Joe does not know what he or she is talking about you DO NOT need a credit card to use Bill me later.!
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Reommodeswaks : bill me later needs a credit card which i dont see you having.
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teexarige : I think you can only do that if you have a credit card issued by paypal.
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