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buy neopoints : I dont have any christmas clothes so i was just going to wear jeans,uggs,a black top that says i love ninjas on it with a red tank top under it,dangly green earrings,and a key necklace. What do you suggest i change and how should i wear my hair?

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GuttwersBeefs : I think you picked a nice outfit to wear! For some christmas spirit why not wear a santa hat or reindeer antler headbands? it shows your sprirt for the holidays! or just do a simple twist with the hair closest to your face, or even a braid, and pin it back with some bobbypins!

Merry Christmas! (well... early christmas!)
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likelucyru : How do I get a loan to pay off credit cards?
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Reetuevilkink : Why would you want to do that. Just get in debt from one thing and move it to another? Sounds silly. Loans arent cheap.
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butTeallbah : Go to your bank and ask for a "debt consolidation loan." Do *not* accept this from anybody but a bank.
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Lerosyv : Most banks will do a consolidation loan to pay off credit card debt.

To get approved, you need to have enough income and (in some cases) you'll be required to cancel some or all of the credit cards your paying off.

But you'll need to talk to a loans officer at a bank to apply for a loan.
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ebusxjre : Hello

I bought journey tickets using my card a month back, then i had to cancel the tickets. Suppose 30$ is my ticket amount. My card's statement date is 17th of the month. I cancelled tickets on 15th. So according to statement i had to pay 30$ by 25th. I know refund is gonna take 3-4 days maybe more. So i paid the entire amount.
I want to know where that refund is gonna receive coz i paid full statement amount and card details shows that i have full credits.
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srfecti644 : When the credit comes through, you'll simply have a credit (negative balance) on your credit card. You'll have that much money to spend before you'll owe anything.

Or, if you rarely use your credit card, you could always request that they mail you a check.
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RussianTiger : I have bad credit, i do not like the sound of those secure cards, please don't point me in that direction.
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Alexesshedrin : 1) you wont get a card with bad credit
2) you must be working
3) you need a house or car for collateral
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