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Vorsanaffow : its the vinalla gift one i loaded it up to $55 and i tried it but in wont work when purchasing gold on world of tank i just bought it
i also checked on visa web site it says it dosent have the card #

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coomypeacroxy : Gift cards have no cash value
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Unrerolor : Have you activated it?
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fivefingerslo : I check my credit report recently and it said COLLECTION $5000 listed 5 years ago. This is my first time to check my report. I think I owe them some money but not $5000. Probably around $800, 5 years ago. No one called me yet about the collection as it said on my report the card was probably stolen. I lost that card. And I owed Washington Mutual $500 about the same time and I already settled this with the collecting agency when they called me recently. I am willing to pay but $5000 it not the real amount I owe them. What is the best way to deal with this? No one called me yet, do I just wait for 2 more years for it to disappear? Or do I call them and dispute?
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RolandoPH : I don't have a credit card because I'm only 14. Is there like a prepaid card that I can buy from walmart and type in the code on the computer?
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kissme2hy8 : you have two major problems
you cant use paypal till you are 18
plus paypal doesnt accept, allow or honor prepaid cards anyway
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Dreannacron : you can't use paypal because you are minor.
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browadonha : like if I were to get an amazon credit card and not use it would I get a fee for that? Or any other hidden fees?
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meateWaib : No fees. Just pay in full when you get the bill in the mail.

Note that new regulations are in place making it almost impossible for anyone under 21 to get any credit card. Something tells me you don't even have your savings emergency fund.
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preadledema : Great idea! Student loans can't be discharged by bankruptcy but credit card debit can. Thus if you default on the credit card you'll have bad credit for 7 years rather than a student loan debit that can last a lifetime.
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