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Jeojeryceby : how long does it take for you to have one of these cards to get a good credit score, i've had mine for about a year now, and have been paying the payments off in full to look good on my credit.. so should i have a pretty good credit score by now? or how long does this take? thank you.

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phollespase : Two full years to develop credit.
Make sure you replace the funds in full each month.

Why do you need excellent credit?
Know that landlords focus on your employment, salary, etc.
And you can get a car loan without credit.
You'll need 20% down, stable employment, and enough income.
If you are a bit confused - ask questions here.
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Effitswes : Okay so my Credit score is 475. I' am 23 years old and had a credit card since I was 18. Yes I know that was mistake, but my limit is only $300.00. I still pay the credit card every month and never max it out anymore. I have medical bills that are killing me and one phone bill that is on collections. My question is how long will it take for me to improve this score. I just hit my career job and need this to bump up, so I could get a car for my family. What are my options to improve this and yes I know one of the answers already, PAY OFF your debt, but what else can I do.
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TopTV : Actually paying off defaulted debts won't improve your score. The damage is done and will remain for the balance of the 7 year reporting period, whether paid, settled, or unpaid. With this in mind, you may as well negotiate settlement for as little as you can.

Depending on the age of the default, you should be able to settle for 25% to 50% in a lump sum. Forget payment plans. Better to save up for a lump sum payment. Get any settlement agreement in writing before you pay and don't give the collector direct access to your bank account.

You can ask for a pay for delete (you pay and they remove the item from your credit) for the phone and medical bills. They are hard to come by but you may as well ask. You would probably have to pay the full amount to get the pay for delete.

Basically, you need at least 24 months of consistent, on time payment history to improve your score. Use your existing card for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. If that card is at least a year old, you might try getting another card and use both cards. This will expand your credit history and help improve your score.
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reitlelaway : i got my first credit card in the bank where i have my current account card,when i applied and got accepted for a grand credit limit,but then i found out that everytime i miss a payment their gonna take and own the half of what i owe in the credit card and take it in my current account,my salary arrive every last day of the month and the credit card due date is 1st of every month,does bank credit cards works this way?,to take half of what you owe if you miss the payment?,maybe i have to change my bank,the due date they give me is too freaking impossible,they know when i receive my salary as i have my current account in that bank,so why give me so little time to have a chance to put back the money i owe to the credit card from my current account,
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Sepecoagree : Close that credit card.
If you ever miss a payment, you do not need to be playing with credit cards.

And thank the bank for doing this for you.
If you are more than 30 days late, it shows up on your credit reports.
So they are doing you a big favor.

You should have savings in place. You know that.
Credit cards give you a 21 day grace period - time to pay up.
Are you sure you did not mean a checking account debit card?
Why do I have the feeling this is what you meant?
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immekGive : The bank can do this because your signed paperwork agreeing to this when you opened the accounts. The best way to avoid this is to NOT miss the payment. If you can't handle your finances well enough to make on time payments, you should not have a credit card.

Credit cards have a closing date. All transactions before that date show up on the statement. The payment due date is at least 3 weeks after that closing date. You should know that you charged things on the card and will have to make a payment. The smart way to handle the credit card is to use it for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That builds credit and avoids interest.

I suspect that if you have many more missed payments, the bank will lower your limit and even close your account. Pulling the funds from your bank account is really not their preferred payment method. They would rather you make the payments and demonstrate that you are reliable and a good credit risk.
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pneupejed : I'am under 18 years old. I want to buy a prepaid visa to use it to sell something on amazon.I will load like 30 dollars because that is the sellers fee. After that they will put money in my account. But how will they do that if I have to pay a reload fee to add more money on my account?
Amazon is not connected to paypal only ebay is.
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lwilliamb : are you sure amazon won't be putting money into a paypal account and not directly into you visa card?
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Graiccaky : I took out a loan some years ago, and was sold PPI by the bank (Abbey National).
Firstly, as Santender own Abbey National, can I still make an enquiry?
Secondly, I lost my credit card (MasterCard) as I couldn't keep up the payments. Again, I was sold PPI on this.......I repay each month as agreed by MasterCard, BUT can I make a claim on my PPI, even if I defaulted on repayments?
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