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Madison3528j : I owe a debt (less than $1000) to a college and they won't let me return to classes without paying it off. My credit is also kind of bad because of some unfortunate things that happened before I was even 18. So I was thinking of applying for a credit card or loan to pay this so I can return to classes as soon as possible. So does anybody know of any credit cards or loan services that work with people with bad credit?

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SuissogsagSig1985 : Please guys this is extremely urgent. and please i need real answers and not only "i think" i left UAE with 3 unpaid credit cards with amount 27,000 - 10,000 - 10,000 and i couldnt pay them all but i managed to pay 27,000 for the first bank when i left UAE by contacting the bank. and now i still have to pay the other 2 amounts and i cant now as i dont have enough money. the point now is that im sure i am blacklisted in UAE but i got a good job opportunity in Qatar and im afraid i will be arrested in the airport because of my debts in UAE. and i cant pay the banks now maybe after 1 year i can and ofcourse they wont accept it thats why i dont want to try contacting them now. is there any possibilities i wont be arrested in qatar? or there is a system shared between all GCC regarding blacklisted?????? please need personal experiences or people you know exp/ thanks a lot
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j Baume du tigre : the chance you will be arrested at customs is 100% if the new job is so great and they like you they could make arrangements for your debts to be paid.
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IrrineeFurf : I really don't want to use my CC to buy things online. So I'm thinking about Paypal and I was wondering if I had to have a CC to use it or can I just use cash?
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cymnSlini : can apply for a loan from one bank and then another just to pay off the loan from the first? will that help build credit?
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NampDeemid : You build credit by making on time payments. Taking out one loan to pay off another is just shifting debt. For starters, you won't get the first loan if you don't have credit history. And you would definitely not qualify for the second loan, if you hadn't made any payments on the first one.

Installment loans build credit by making payment over time. You have to pay on an installment loan for at least 12 months to do much for your credit/score -- paying interest the whole time. An installment loan just for the sake of building credit is an expensive way to buy a few score points.

Smarter to get a credit card, even if you have to start with a secured card. Use the card for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That builds credit and avoids interest.
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HaubSyday : It takes 24 months of activity to build your credit score. The way you're doing it is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. It makes no sense.
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fakeoakleysy4 : f i stop payment on a credit card charge, and the bank refuses to allow that merchant to charge me again. what could potentially occur? and what is the most likely resolution
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