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CobyStoll : i went on to the website to try to register it but it wont even work there. it says the details could not be found using the card number you have entered. ive tried it many times so i have not been typing the card number in wrong. please help!

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gorjitienMito : Probably because it's on "Ice, Ice Baby!"
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bioriaseina : It means the site does not accept pre-paid cards or gift cards.
Only real credit cards or checking account debit cards.
It means that the site is going to charge you a monthly fee.
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exeveable : I was buying Credits on IMVU and i tried nearly 15 trying to make it work. Everything's right but it says that my Credit Card Number is wrong. It says "Please enter a valid Credit Card Number" What's going on?
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WenBahefforne : I got a letter in the mail and apparently I owe $269.00 to these people. I don't know how that's even possible since I'm underage and never had a credit card before (I'm assuming this is something to do with a credit card)

Is this some type of scam? What is this?
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stuartfish : go over my credit limit on captial one card if my limit is 200pound. go over my credit limit on captial one card if my limit is 200pound
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dvzevndl : Call them and ask to increase your limit.
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CristeCrype : The only way you can go over the credit limit is if you dont pay your monthly bill and they add interest and £20 for unpaid bill, CapOne will not increase your limit untill you have been with them for several years and even then the only way it will rise is if your account is the one the computer picks out to have your credit raised, Cap One is the worst company to deal with, did you know they were find £75,000 a few years ago at court by the Financial Ombudsman because they didnt activiate peoples PPI when they became unemployed and needed to activate their PPI, Try Vanquis they are better, Good Luck
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Bbnolermef : What part of the word "limit" do you not understand?

A limit is as far as you can go. A limit is all they will allow.

If you are at your limit - your next purchase will be denied.
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loyalsecils : Your card will be declined and you will be left with no goods and a red face.
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