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QGshon : Hello,
So I've had a capital one credit card the last couple months and I have a 24.50 annual percentage rate. The first couple months I always paid off my balance by the end of the month, so I had not interest on it. But this past month I still had a balance of around $250. But I checked my statement today and there was still no interest. How come I get not interest, yet I'm supposed to be charged 24%.

Last month I bought up to like $780 worth of stuff, but paid over $500 off. So that's why I still had $200 left over.

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Grooimaar : You sure you don't have 0% interest for so many months in the beginning? That's what I had for a year.
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Alibabamen : I lost my wallet! Yeah I'm young I didn't know I wasn't suppose to carry your Social on you but I did and now I have to replace the card then again maybe it's common sense to some who cares my mom says you can't get a new social number so if you can't do that how do you go about using your social with a security alert or freeze on your credit file?
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JanBarend : You can alert the major credit rating companies, (Equifax, Transunion and Experian) of the potential for fraud. Then when any credit card company gets an application, they'll see the alert and take extra steps to make sure that application actually belongs to you. It makes your life a little more difficult, but it makes it much harder for somebody to steal your identity.
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creecurry : Your social security number is for tax purposes and really has nothing to do with your credit. Freezing your credit files does not freeze your social security number. The credit bureaus and creditors use your social security number because it is a unique identifier, but they do not need it.

Freezing your credit files would prevent anyone from opening new accounts in your name. You would have to unfreeze your credit files to allow a creditor to pull an inquiry on you.
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LoonryAnync : They are now allow to go on to my checking account and they are taking money out of my pay check!! How do I stop this?? It's frustrating, i working hard to pay bills and they are taking it away! Can I stop it se how?? Plzzz help, advice!!
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scanrpinteyrocza : I presume you live in NJ. They cannot take you to a court that is not in your jurisdiction. When you opened the CC account, you gave them the right to take your money (if the CC account is at the same bank as your checking/savings account). It's in the small print in the credit card agreement. Look for a term called "Set aside". If you received a subpoena and didn't show up in court to answer it, they win by default and will take your money according to state law. You are really SOL.
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prieneupe : Obviously you were not paying your bills or the court would not have authorized garnishment, There is nothing you can do but quit your job or declare bankruptcy
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KaoiljejnnSam : You can't
They have a court order to garnish your wages or levy your bank account until your bill is paid.

Why didn't you show up to court to defend yourself and show what you could afford to pay?

Stop putting money in your bank account.
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glubalpcrulge : You can't stop them. You owe the money, they want the money. They went to court for the judge to say it's OK for them to take it from you.

Lesson learned the hard way. Don't try to skip out on unpaid bills.
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