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JohnMalkovitzch : I had a limit of only 200.00 for 6 to 7 months. I regulary check my credit files and notice my score jump up over night. It seems capital one have increased my limit from 200 to 10,000 over night. This made my credit utilisation very low.

There must be some kind of mistake, would it be wise for me to question them about it or shall I assume it is correct? It is my only credit card. I don't have bad debts, just lack of credit as never really needed it.

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KiseTrespoots : Let it be. No need to call.
Keep using the card for things you need and paying in full each month for those top credit ratings
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plotolacy : This is "Peggy" can I help?
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jellettmictez : If and this is a VERY BIG IF, if you can resist from using the additional credit then leaving it be and enjoy the benefits of the new ratio. However, a jump from $200 to $10,000 appears to be a mistake, did you receive any paperwork regarding this adjustment? In all likelihood, this potential mistake will be uncovered and your limits will be re-adjusted. Understand though, that even if it is a mistake, and you do use the card, you will be liable for the entire balance regardless.
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gerceWedy : This is great news for your credit utilization ratio! Leave it be and just keep using your credit card as you always have. It seems as though Capital One is finally rewarding you for your responsible credit habits. Make sure you check your account online to verify that the new 10,000 credit limit is shown there as well.
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HoisyLoro : okay, so my girlfriend is getting me a macbook for christmas, which is where im starting with this. basically, she thinks it'll be better to get a walmart credit card to pay for 500 of it, then pay the rest out of pocket... plus, she needs to build credit so we can get our own phone plan. basically, she has no credit of any sort, and i was wondering if we could even get a card, or what we could do to get one?? please help! & yes, im a girl and i have a girlfriend, please don't make any comments, and please don't make any comments about me getting a macbook. i did my research and I'm getting it for legitimate reasons, such as doing my music and video editing with final cut pro. if anyone can help please doooo.
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Unurgignani : first u have to be 18 or older to get one nyes department stores like walmart make it easier to get credit if uhave none just telll the cashier u want to aplly for awalmart credit card or the service desk theyl eventualy let u know if ugot it afer that
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Hiepzinensake : Not sure of Wal Marts interest rates. Try to get a card with at least 12%. Such as visa or capital one
The biggest pit fall is if you do not pay your balance off every month. Because you'll be paying interest money on top of the purchased amount.
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paasathkaqaas : Can they do this? What can be done to prevent this long past debt?
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lolowsNem : Yes they can do that...unless your friend filled bankruptcy and included this credit card debt there is no statute of limitation on them coming after your friend for the total amount owed plus interest and late fees:( The only thing now to do is negotiate the debt; set up a payment plan so wages are not taken out of their pay check. Most credit card companies will settle for a lesser amount if paid a lump sum.
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