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AcimbCemecach : Can someone explain to me more what the text below means? Do they mean that if ever i want to cancel my credit card i need to pay the balance on my credit card that i owe to them (if any?) or do they mean my credit limit on the card...

"If you decide to close your credit card account, send us the full payment of your credit card balance and we'll return your security funds to you."
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omibettetulge : Before you close the account, you have to replace the money in full.
Should not be a problem since it is a good idea to replace the money in full each month for best credit.
They get the funds back up to the amount, then... they send you a check.
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malLalebalk : hi i am from india i have 5 questions please help me out

1) Can a secured credit card from any bank be used to shop online and send and receive payments

2) do i have to renew credit limit of my secured credit card again after a month even if i don't want to buy any thing

3) if i buy anything online with secured credit card will the money be deducted from my credit limit or do i have to pay it to bank after 1 month

4) can a secured credit card be registered with paypal ( INDIA)

5) or is there any other alternative / substitute for a credit card in India so that i can buy online and send and receive payments through paypal India

i think the debit cards does not work with paypal India its either credit card or please suggest me any other alternative if there is any so that i can register and get verified by paypal to shop online and send and receive payments
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LierCheeprind : Open a checking account.
You will receive a debit card with your name on it that you can use for all your purchases.
Don't play games with pre-paid debit cards - paypal will not accept these

Get a checking account before you ever consider getting a secured card
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GuttwersBeefs : i dont have any type of bank or credit card in my paypal but its linked with ebay so if i sell something do i still get the money in my paypal?
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gerceWedy : No, clean up your biz and they will welcome you back.
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eraliahef : Yes you can sell things at ebay but most of the people prefer to pay through the paypal. But you can accept cheque and cash if they have to collect from your house but very risky to let a stranger to your house.
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Cherrimyb : Yes, the money can still be paid to your Paypal account, but it will have to stay with Paypal until you have an account where the cash can be moved to,
Hope this helps
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Alibabamen : I lost my wallet! Yeah I'm young I didn't know I wasn't suppose to carry your Social on you but I did and now I have to replace the card then again maybe it's common sense to some who cares my mom says you can't get a new social number so if you can't do that how do you go about using your social with a security alert or freeze on your credit file?
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creecurry : Your social security number is for tax purposes and really has nothing to do with your credit. Freezing your credit files does not freeze your social security number. The credit bureaus and creditors use your social security number because it is a unique identifier, but they do not need it.

Freezing your credit files would prevent anyone from opening new accounts in your name. You would have to unfreeze your credit files to allow a creditor to pull an inquiry on you.
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