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tasnkmikoo : I don't understand how this could happen. I have gone to three different banks to open up accounts and each time come to find that someone has used my social (with a different name) to open up bank accounts, credit cards, and a defaulted house loan, but NONE have ever shown up on my credit report - how is this so? The only way I have found out about someone using my social is when I have tried to open accounts, then I must go through hoops to prove that I am who I say I am. Will somebody PLEASE explain to me how none of this is showing up on my credit report - I don't know how many other accounts/ lines of credit have been given out with my social and I would like to stop it before it does show up on my credit report!

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Immontetcex : Is it possible to have a credit card company lower your interest rate? I have pretty good credit(above 720) and I have never missed a payment. I really need to lower my monthly payments. Is there anything else I could try?

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ForexSignals : There is a good possibility that whey will lower them if you ask.
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Bizextittegub : You can try - but if you are carrying higher balances, they may consider you a risk and they may turn you down.

It's really funny how it all works. For those that pay in full each month and never pay interest, all they have to do is make a call, and they will lower their interest rate.
For those that carry balances, and actually need interest reduced the chance is very slim

Start paying those credit cards in full each month so you never pay interest.
You get amazing credit this way and save money
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ViettePen : I also want to know if you can add more funds to the second prepaid credit card.
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loyalsecils : No, they have a set amount, once used they are garbage.
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JackSilverCoolYesNo : There is a possibility that your bank will grant your request for a lower interest rate since you are a good credit card owner. Continue paying on time the total amount due and you will not incur finance fees and other charges.
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qifeng3787 : Hi, I'm 18 years old and I just got my very first credit card. I am attending college and make $400 a month. I have 29.5% APR and a $300 spending limit.. Any words of advice for me?
Hahaha, moofi that sounds like a GREAT idea.

Can I get a serious answer? Please:(
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TurnKegedeego : Be careful on spending. You don't want to end up wherein your parents are paying your bills. That's a shame.
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colbe2012 : First of all I would like to know what do people gain by writing erroneous advice like don’t pay your bills or uninformative ones like be a jew, be cheap. Writing just for the sake of writing does not contribute to our online community and it certainly does not help anyone. When people ask questions is because they truly need advice, so if you are here reading questions and answering them just to waste time go somewhere else, there are plenty of blogs online that exist just for the purpose of wasting time.
That said I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step in taking charge of your financial future. Building good credit so early in your life will help you get lower interest rates in loans and mortgages and that equates to saving a lot of money in the future. My advice to you would be to charge your credit card with no more than 20% of your credit limit which in your case would be $60 dollar each month, the debt to credit limit ratio accounts for 30% in the credit score equation keeping it always under 20% will allow you to get the best credit score possible. Also pay your bill in full each month, by doing so you will not only get a better credit score but you will also avoid paying the interest rate. I hope this was helpful to you, here is a good link for more information about building good credit
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