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oncall463 : Okay, to make a long story short, I want a back up emergency credit card. I used to have one with Capital One.

My Mom had a capital one card and put me on as an additional card holder 3 years ago, and I had NO credit. She still has that open, but I no longer use it, although she never took my name off of it. I was just an additional user. I asked her to take me off. She pays her minimum payments, that's all I know.

After that, they approved me on my OWN for a card.
I always payed my monthly payments. Like, if it was $20, I'd try to pay $30 or $40... but, at least, always the minimum when it was due.

I completely paid it off 2 years ago and cut it up. I didn't contact capital one or cancel it or anything, I just payed off the balance and cut it up.

Now, I'm wondering, since I just paid it off... is it still open? Can I apply for a new card? Should I have good credit with them?

Thank you. ?
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