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RoyabyRor : I have some money in my pay-pal but I don't have a credit/debit card number so is there a website or something that can give me a non-working card info so I can make a payment with the paypal account?

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2qot54rt74o : For OBVIOUS reasons, that won't work.
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ForexSystem : Yes you can obtain a VISA or MasterCard Test number that is used for software transaction testing. The number will meet a basic credit card number algorithm test - but naturally won't work to pay for anything!!!

Sometimes people use these when signing up for one month free offers where they don't want the vendor to charge a card (in case they forget to send a cancel payment order request).

If you need it to register for PayPal so as to make payments from your bank account - you'll need an active debit card number through which to do it - that's why PayPal want your card number.
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LumiaFresh : Hi i know some banks have virtual credit card. i have hdfc VCC but the problem is they used only once. i used it today to buy goods where only paypal accepted. so i bought as paypal guest. transaction was failed by stupid paypal system. after that i cant use my card again, its 1 time use was over. now i have to wait 35days to get the unused money from the card.

Is there any website which provide VCC to use more than 1 times? or is there a site to get prepaid credit card which i can load up money online and use the cards for international websites?

I have hdfc and sbi debit cards. both not working for non indian websites. is there any way to make them work on non indian websites?
thx in advance
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jshufs8s2d : Damn
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igorokfree : Nope... PayPal does not take prepaid cards of any kind... so don't try to link them up again.. it won't work and any other prepaid will only work in the country of it's origin. That means you are restricted to India with your purchases.

You will need to get a real credit card.
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torpwelmeo : I am creating a fill-in form in with MS Word using the Developer option. Works great so far, and I can tab to each field just fine; but to access the options in the drop down fields, I have to use the mouse and point and click. My form would work so much easier if the user could simple press arrow down key to scroll through the options, and then press return to select (the way I have seen drop-down menus work, traditionally). I have searched all over the program for a way to create this setting, but no luck. If anyone knows how to do this, it would be super helpful.

Thank you!
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Enrinueexpess : Use the following source for help.
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careeradvicejza : My computer won't open any software, not even in safe mode. If I try to open something at the beginning of a start up, it will be open for a few seconds but eventually closes. My antivirus does not start up. I tried restoring to some time this morning, but that didn't work. Now I'm trying to restore it to about a week ago and see if that helps.
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jqo8z53fe : You could always download a fresh copy from another machine. I have a torrent up myself on ThePirateBay that I know works (I used it to install the copy of windows I'm using now). Don't delete System32, that will really mess it up in the long run. I've screwed up enough computers learning how they work in my lifetime, so take my word for it. http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8560786/Windows_7_Home_Premium_64-Bit_retail_ISO thats the link to the iso, just extract and use imgburn to burn it to a DVD+R, you can google for details. Also if you have a different version of windows, just use the Vista7 Slic Ldr.
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