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arroraceags : I recently bought a hat, I think it was on Thursday. this is the first time I'm buying something online using Paypal and I got an Email for the receipt with the invoice ID and all. But where it showed MY address it said (unconfirmed address) on top. Is this because I never bought something using paypal before? They took the money already, I checked the credit card. But I still haven't gotten the (payment complete) email, telling me the shipping number. is it because of that "uncomfirmed address" or its just the website taking long? Thanks

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gtgz00075 : The merchant has to click something on their end (inside ebay) to tell you they've shipped.

The unconfirmed stuff is because you haven't finished the confirmation process.
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covaGrooppy : The unconfirmed means your Paypal account as not been verified and it has disadvantage for not being verified, so make sure you get verified and you will not see the unconfirmed again.
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Tevyemalm :
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CobyStoll : Nope.
Credit cards will not accept payments from other cards online.
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nztjqvbovxna : You can, but it would be considered a balance transfer. You would need auth from your virtual card issuer to do so. Sometimes you can get a good rate for some limited time and some times you do not, but regardless there is always a fee that is not cheap.
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y8es6sho0v : Hi, I'm novice in this and I have a question : what happen if Im selling an app(not free), but when a new version of my app is available, user who bought my app need to pay again(for the update)? how do I do it for free(the update)???
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tecytheaddy : hi if you are a programmer, and want to upload an APK file in the Google Play. You will pay Google $5usd for every App you will upload. This is only once, no need to pay again upon updating a new version.

For PAID Aps, the people who downloaded your App will NEED NOT to pay again for the app update.
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hymperolek : If it is the same app the updates will be free. If you produce it as a new title (old version: MyApp or new version: MyApp 2) then the users will need to buy the latest version.
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ditdigEnsunda : I'm trying to run programs such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and others off of Adobe's Creative Cloud. My main issue is with video editing, rendering with any type of effects is extremely time consuming. I currently run Advanced SystemCare as well on my computer which has a performance monitor, and it shows my CPU running at 100% the whole time of rendering, while RAM stays steady at 60% and Disk jumping from 0% to 60% constantly. I'm fairly new with building computers so I was hoping for suggestions on what my next step show be to reduce render times.

Here are my current specs-

Model: Acer Veriton M4618g x64

OS: Windows 7 Pro

Processor: Intel i5 -2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz x 4

Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

8gb of Memory

Running system and programs off a Western Digital 500gb hard drive

Seagate 2TB hard drive for storage

I understand that a better processor, graphics card, more memory, and running programs off a Solid State drive would all help. But what would I see the most results in upgrading first based off of my performance so far?

Or maybe what order would you upgrade in my situation?

Thank you for your time!
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