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Cleascacy : went out to buy a vanilla visa gift card 25$ because... i wanted to buy something. the cashier activated it.

i went on that website behind the card vanillavisa.com and click that register option i had to input a zip code. i put my zipcode that was it. i went on lightake.com to buy what i wanted to get and there was an option "check out with paypal" then a page came up and there were 2 choices. have a paypal account? or don't have a paypal account? i chose the second one. i entered the card number csc and the info and stuff..i clicked review and continue. and then a message poped up on top of the page sayinG:

Your credit or debit card has been declined for this transaction; PayPal could not validate the card. Please verify that the information you entered is correct, or try a different credit or debit card.

people say u can use a giftcard as a credit card to buy online... but in this case.....??? im very confused.

what do i do now?

;o this sux. i used 25 dollars on nothing...

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iandefton :
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trelfHexrurry : Virtual credit cards are real credit cards that can only be used for online purchases. Often, these are linked to third party payment services for easy online transactions. Consumers can ask their bank or any credit card issuer for this type of credit card account.
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preadledema : OKPAY Debit Card

Get your OKPAY debit card for hassle-free withdrawals!

The OKPAY Debit Card is a Prepaid Card denominated in US DOLLARS.

Our card has most of the features of an ordinary debit card, but since it is not linked to a bank account, it is issued without any credit checks.
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Antinstiers : what it th prgram for this:
a program that asks the user to enter an integer between 0 and 63, and then prints the number in octal (base 8). The program should have the following :
Enter a number between 0 and 63: 28
The number in octal (base 8) is: 34
Hint: If n is an integer, then n%8 is the last digit of the octal number and n/8 is the first digit.
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ByncFausaBymn : Would you be able to write the program if the assignment was?:

Write a program that asks the user to enter an integer and then prints the number the user entered.

If so, then show us. If not, then why do you think the teacher thinks that you and your classmates should be able to write such a program?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
cout << "enter an integer: " << endl;
return 0;
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IRRACYMIT : 1. take a several years to master each programming language and know a few programming language
2. taste little bit of each programming language and and have basic knowledge of many programming languages.
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GokGlarlAbort : You do not have to master a programming language. You need to master using reference material. You master a language after doing real projects on a job. If a job expects you to have acceptable knowledge of several languages, then you learn whatever language the assignments are.

All languages have integers and floating-point variables. This is because the underlying hardware implements both of those. So, you need to have a general understanding of the underlying data types and realize that each language will have different syntax to declare such variables, but the underlying calculations are not done by the language, but by the machine.
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aogokaoy : As of now Programmers job is always unsafe atleast during the early stages.
What ever it is, learning many languages is meaning less. Develop analytical, problem solving, algorthmic skills and join as a programmer. after that develop and involve in SW design which is long life
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forexnewbiexg : I'm having a hard time retrieving and displaying information using a Hashmap.

Here is part of my code:
Insert and remove works, but the find feature does not. Any help would be appreciated.

jbtProcessRequest.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
int menuChoice = jcbo.getSelectedIndex();
Integer id = Integer.parseInt(jtfStudentID.getText());
String studentName = jtfStudentName.getText();
String studentGPA = jtfStudentGPA.getText();
switch (menuChoice){
case 0:
if (studentRecords.containsKey(id)){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Key is already in use.",
"Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
studentRecords.put(id, new Student(studentName, studentGPA));
case 1:
if (studentRecords.containsKey(id)){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Key does not exist.",
"Message", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE);
case 2:

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