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jeneIncizeped :

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StevenVQ : I, myself, say American Express, although it's technically a charge card.
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entextontotab : They are all the same.
Just look for one without an annual fee.
If you pay in full you never pay interest - so never worry about APR
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ClalavyVagDug : for canada aways i would have to say the scotialine visa APR from 1% to 4.99% but even works best when paid in full and no yearly fees

have one myself :)
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Coinfunlink :
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dsyez001 : Its not advisable to verify your paypal account using vcc because if it asks for statment proof you cannot provide it
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esyez011 : You can verify your paypal using vcc but its always risky because vcc is for one time use only
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daursentees : Hello, about a year ago I got a high spec laptop, it isn't the best but I have nVidia GT555M
Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @2.20 GHz
8 Gigs of RAM
and a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system.
I got this to move forward for my lower spec PC which I used since 2001, I bought a laptop because I wanted something portable... nevertheless, my laptop has trouble playing many games it even has FPS drops when I'm playing Counter-Strike, and my FPS on Minecraft are so low it's practically unplayable. I was advised to buy a cooler, and I did but it helped nothing, I got advanced system care, cleaned my system thoroughly, uninstalled and deleted every single program/file/folder I didn't need and no results. The only game which seems to work properly is Aion which uses the CryEngine and it runs at 60 FPS on Medium~High Graphics which while dated, are pretty good. Any advice?
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NenSninelix : The GT 555M is not that fast actually. It's on the level of the Radeon 8750M maybe, which you can get today for $530.

However, CS:GO should run well with the GT 555M:
1. Do you have the latest drivers installed from Nvidia?
2. Maybe you should set the drivers to use the GT 555M in those games - go to the Nvidia control center which should be installed on your laptop, and check the "3D Settings". There should be a list of games there which are specifically targeted by the drivers. You should see there the CS:GO

It is hard to give such an advise here. You should ask in some forum
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edifagciditty : Is this homework ........... or just curiosity.. it's quite an open ended question.

Why don't you goto https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/downthemall/

and ask them?

depends on how complex you want to make it......or if you just want "good enough" rips.... or if you want the program to also parse out unneeded info.... who knwos
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