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songfeng109 : i Bank with Chase.
i was thinking of getting a Chase Slate credit card, should i ?
or which card should i get?
i dont purchase too much. and will only use it for occasional stuff MAYBE every couple months or something who knows. so which would be best for me?

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NampDeemid : Federal Law as of Feb 2010 is you must be 21 yrs of age to apply for a credit card.
It you are then apply for whatever one your current bank is offering. That is your best shot at being approved for your 1st card
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cymnferce : Hi. I'm 19 years old and I just became a member with MAX credit union. I have my own apartment in my name, I have a cell phone bill in my name and another bill in my name as well. Someone told me that having bills in your name does not establish credit. Is this true? I applied for a Capitol One Secured Master Card and they said I'll have to deposit $49 to get a credit line of $200. Am I doing the right thing? What's the best way for a beginner to establish excellent credit?
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9a4bq9t1x : True. Having bills in your name doe not do anything for credit.
They do not report your monthly payments to be 3 bureaus.
A secured card is something good to consider.
They all have similar annual fees.
Please use this card wisely.
Charge small things, and replace the balance in full each month.
No games of carrying balances that can only lower your credit rating.

Another option (which credit unions offer the best) is a Secured Loan.
Do you have savings? 5 months worth of income as an emergency fund?
Take $1,500 and ask your credit union about Secured Loans.
You pay back in 1 year and develop amazing credit. Faster than a secured card.
This was from the Suze Orman show.
Secured cards develop credit slowly compared to secured loans.
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ZextEpireerve : Hello everyone i am an industrial desing student and i would like to know how to make images like this using a pc program since im a bit tired of doing sketches the classic way thanks you in advance.

P.s this is the link to the image : http://tinypic.com/r/2461lk4/5
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cheap uggs : i need to run an applet inside of jcreater.. can i have simple directions. i have the java code and an html file that runs it but i need to run it inside jcreater.
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pletcherppg : as i was updating my e-mail details,i included my phone contact on the details.
immediately i recieved an SMS on my phone sent by number+447781470659.giving a verification code but i donot know where to enter it.is it on the phone or in my e-mail details?
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sBRwdShx : in your e-mail ,because u need to verify ur account hence u said u were updating ur details..
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