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Annedezow : So I got a visa debit card from my parents today, and I tried to add it to my PayPal account. But every time I try to add it, it says it's invalid. What can I do to fix this problem??

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amitiardedo : does a prepaid woolworths master card work on amazon??? to buy things
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fluomaecola : yes will work
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ChetAnned : Woolworth's still exists???

However, it's a Mastercard, it is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted
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GenericProdeciaBUYON : Everytime I search for this paticular program called "Xgram Bot". I read the comments that everyone got the download. But when I click I get a survey??? For most of the different programs. Are there any Survey Bypassers. Ive been stuck on trying to get this program for months now.
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daursentees : Hello, about a year ago I got a high spec laptop, it isn't the best but I have nVidia GT555M
Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @2.20 GHz
8 Gigs of RAM
and a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system.
I got this to move forward for my lower spec PC which I used since 2001, I bought a laptop because I wanted something portable... nevertheless, my laptop has trouble playing many games it even has FPS drops when I'm playing Counter-Strike, and my FPS on Minecraft are so low it's practically unplayable. I was advised to buy a cooler, and I did but it helped nothing, I got advanced system care, cleaned my system thoroughly, uninstalled and deleted every single program/file/folder I didn't need and no results. The only game which seems to work properly is Aion which uses the CryEngine and it runs at 60 FPS on Medium~High Graphics which while dated, are pretty good. Any advice?
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NenSninelix : The GT 555M is not that fast actually. It's on the level of the Radeon 8750M maybe, which you can get today for $530.

However, CS:GO should run well with the GT 555M:
1. Do you have the latest drivers installed from Nvidia?
2. Maybe you should set the drivers to use the GT 555M in those games - go to the Nvidia control center which should be installed on your laptop, and check the "3D Settings". There should be a list of games there which are specifically targeted by the drivers. You should see there the CS:GO

It is hard to give such an advise here. You should ask in some forum
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PaigeW3 : Please provide steps quickly.....
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tramerstendss : Electrical Engineering Interview Questions pdf set1
1. What is electric traction?
A:Electric traction means using the electric power for traction system (i.e. for railways,trams,
trolleys etc). Electric traction means use of the electricity for all the above machines. Now a
days, magnetic traction is also used for bullet trains.and basically dc motors are used for
electric traction systems.
2. How can you start-up the 40w tube lite with 230v AC/DC without using any
A:It's possible by means of Electronic chokes,otherwise it's not possible to ionize the particles
in tube light with normal voltage.
3. What is "pu" in electrical engineering?
A:Pu stands for per unit and this will be used in single line diagram of power distribution and it
is like a huge electrical circuit with no of components (generators, transformers, loads) with
different ratings (in MVA and KV). To bring all the ratings into common platform we use pu
concept in which, in general largest MVA and KV ratings of the component is considered as
base values, then all other component ratings will get back into this basis.Those values are
called as pu values. (p.u=actual value/base value).
4. Operation carried out in Thermal power stations?
A:The water is obtained in the boiler and the coal is burnt so that steam is obtained this steam
is allowed to hit the turbine , the turbine which is coupled with the generator generates the
5. Why link is provided in neutral of an ac circuit and fuse in phase of ac circuit?
A:Link is provided at a Neutral common point in the circuit from which various connection are
taken for the individual control circuit and so it is given in a link form to withstand high Amps.
But in the case of Fuse in the Phase of AC circuit it is designed such that the fuse rating is
calculated for the particular circuit (i.e load) only.So if any malfunction happen the fuse
connected in the particular control circuit alone will blow off.
5. What is the difference between electronic regulator and ordinary electrical rheostat
regulator for fans?
A:The difference between the electronic and ordinary electrical regulator is that in electronic
regulator power losses are less because as we decrease the speed the electronic regulator
gives the power needed for that particular speed but in case of ordinary rheostat type
regulator, the power wastage is same for every speed and no power is saved.In electronic
regulator, triac is employed for speed control by varying the firing angle speed and it is
controlled but in rheostatic ,control resistance is decreased by steps to achieve speed
6. How tube light circuit is connected and how it works?
A:A choke is connected in one end of the tube light and a starter is in series with the circuit.
When supply is provided ,the starter will interrupt the supply cycle of AC. Due to the sudden
change of supply the chock will generate around 1000volts . This volt will capable of to break
the electrons inside the tube to make electron flow. once the current passes through the tube
the starter circuit will be out of part. now there is no change of supply causes choke voltage normalized and act as minimize the current.
7. whats is MARX CIRCUIT?
A:It is used with generators for charging a number of capacitor in parallel and discharging
them in series.It is used when voltage required for testing is higher than the available.
8. What is encoder, how it function?
A:An encoder is a device used to change a signal (such as a bitstream) or data into a code.
The code may serve any of a number of purposes such as compressing information for
transmission or storage, encrypting or adding redundancies to the input code, or translating
from one code to another. This is usually done by means of a programmed
algorithm,especially if any part is digital, while most analog encoding is done with analog
9. What are the advantages of speed control using thyristor?
A:Advantages :1. Fast Switching Characterstics than Mosfet, BJT, IGBT 2. Low cost 3. Higher
10. Why Human body feel Electric shock ?? n in an Electric train during running , We did nt
feel any Shock ? why?
A:Unfortunately our body is a pretty good conductor of electricity, The golden rule is Current
takes the lowest resistant path if you have insulation to our feet as the circuit is not complete
(wearing rubber footwear which doing some repairs is advisable as our footwear is a high
resistance path not much current flows through our body).The electric train is well insulated
from its electrical system.
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