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sryanw : Please could i have the name or link to their website. Thanks in advance.

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catherincampese : The prepaid credit/debit cards are a scam. They almost all have some kind of fees attached to them. I was going to buy a friend a $100 American Express card and they wanted $5 to activate it. What a scam. Other cards such as Walmart's require a SSN, which I don't understand. If the card has enough money on it, why do they need a ssn?
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nepolet : Just a quick question
What is the fear with giving out the ss number.
People that can't get a checking account would not have credit worth stealing
And.. ID theft is super easy to catch if you check your 3 reports for free at Annual Credit Report.com once a year.

I'm not trying to be rude - just wondering what all the fear about giving the ss number is.
Your doctor has it, so does the school you went to - many people out there already have it
The ss number is in case you lose the card - they can replace it
Hopefully the person that finds it won't wipe out the funds immediately
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ibwrmcmr : Ok today I went to a store near me at my dads house and bought a 50 dollar pre paid mastercard. It took the person who activiated like 2 minutes for the receipt to come up and say it was activated. I came home and tryed to activate the card on vanilla master card.com and it kept saying system error and kept entering it over and over and still wouldn't work and it said We have encountered an issue with your Account. To contact a customer service representative, please call the toll free number located on the back of the card. So I contacted them and it said enter my card number and the expiray date and the security code on back and it says it was in-valid so it won't let me get passed that part so I cant explain my situation to a REAL PERSON INSTEAD OF TRYING TO ENTER MY CARD THAT SAYS IT DOESNT EVEN EXIST. All I need is a used pre paid vanilla mastercard that has like 1 cent left on it and I can talk to someone working for vanilla pre paid mastercards. They dont have email either just phone and mail. Like who is going to write a letter to a place in vancouver it will take weeks for it to get there
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daunkwoorousa : if you are not 18 you cannot use it by law anyways
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Varvef : Dear Valued Customer,
On the back of your Vanilla Gift Card is a number for customer service. Our dedicated customer service representatives are available 24/7 for your convenience. If you can not get through following the prompts simply choose either the lost card prompt or hit the # sign after each prompt.Our ultimate goal is to provide a quality product as well as superior customer care to all of our clientele. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and thanks in advance for allowing us to assist you.

Best regards,
Customer Care Manager
Vanilla Gift Card Products
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ik9q8o842j : I was using voki but it wont work on long files. I need a FREE program that will convert a text file to audio...and preferably with a realistic sounding voice. Anyone know of a program?
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Errottarl : Do you have a microphone?

Do you have any recording software already on your computer, whether it be made by Microsoft or Macintosh?

Boom. You got this.
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SessNeiny : Does anyone know a program i can use to swap out certain sections of picture with another? For example. I did multiple 4 panel collages and I want to swap out one panel with another one. I don't have a phone so a website or program, etc. would help.
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nanadokilalo : Yes, try photoshop.
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