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seexboomi : I ended up spending like $200. please help. she will flip if she finds out. I could ask my grandma for some money. and have her put it into my moms account but I will feel bad

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StefanYaka : Hey what I would do is get money from ur granny and earn some money try to return what you haven't used and Tell ur mom. Be like hey I messed up and I'll pay you back. Hopefully she'll understand. If she blows up stay calm and tell her you'll never do it again. We all make mistakes. And you DONT want to keep it from her that will make it worse
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Creweemaima : No one can put it back. The bill arrives and shows where the 200 was spent. Mom either calls the Credit Card company and files a fraud charge or you admit what you did
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ReepExcax : I just ordered something online with a master card that expires today. Should I re order it with my new one? Or should my order be fine?
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SessNeiny : Most vendors will not accept a card expiring 8/31/12 for the entire MONTH of August, because in their systems all they see is "Expires 8/12"
If there is an issue then they will contact you or refuse your order and ask for the updated card expiry date.
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AnneriaMice : You should have already received an updated card (same number, etc, just new exp. date) already by now. ( = new one? Just provide the updated exp date. )

{most cards expire at month end, not on a given day in the month)
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Alibabamen : I have already overclocked my gpu (gtx 660) and I was wondering if it is possible and safe to overclock the cpu. What program do I use if so?
The y580 is a laptop by the way
ALSO PLEASE READ: i have overclocked my gpu and the highest my temps have ever gotten is 78 degrees celsius. Is this bad cuz i don't think it is.
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ojbeautyy : There are no programs to overclock cpu's
Also, overclocking your graphics card with a program isn't really the best way to overclock.

When you overclock something, you normally want to turn your PC on and hit F8 or F10 or w/e the button may be for you that allows you to enter your BIOS.

Here is where you can set your Gen1 /2 /3 for PCI-Express
Fixed ratio for the cpu.

No overclocking what so ever can be done without an unlocked motherboard, and an unlocked graphics card, and an uinlocked cpu.

Websites will normally tell you if the item is unlocked when you purchase it.
IF you are not sure.. check the makers website.
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Unsoncurnxs : Your cpu has to be unlocked to do this. NEVER overclock anything on your laptop unless you don't plan on using it for more than a week. There is not enough cooling which can cause your cpu to fry as well as surrounding components. I highly suggest you underclock your gpu asap, like right now in order to give your laptop a normal life span.

Even on desktops overclocking is not recommended since it shortens the lifespan of that component automatically.

Lenovos are black as well...
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ArridoNop : In a laptop? You can't
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