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CobyStoll : I create a new Macy's American Express Credit Card under the assistant's advice yesterday. Now, I want to know, can I use it in Costco? I dunt want to create another Costco AMEX card. Anybody Suggestion?

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sxgigifsbsxl : If Costco takes American Express then you can use American Express.... it does not matter which company gave you the card. American Express is a Credit Card Network and if a retailer takes it then it works there.
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Gysrere : It is also an AMEX card so you can use it anywhere that takes AMEX. Costco does, so to answer you, yes you can use the card at AMEX.
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CobyStoll : I am rebuilding my credit score. It got destroyed when I lost my job for 18 months. I've had a job for 2 years now and paid/settled on all my medical bills/debts. I would say my credit score is likely 680-700 by now. It was 640 when I got my new car and didn't have the credit card I now have. I earn $80,000 but have this ridiculously low -limit credit card due to delinquenecies and collections when it all hit the fan in 2009. The credit limit is $500. It's a joke- a Sears Master card I can use anywhere. I use it a lot and pay it off (cash) in store every week. I've had it 6 months and have spent $5000 on it. I've heard using a high percentage of your credit limit and paying it off on a regular basis helps your credit score. Is this true? Or is this credit limit so low it is a joke and doesn't do anything to help my credit score? I use it every month for double the maximum limit but always make frequent payments. How can I use this low-limit credit card more efficiently? Would it be ideal to always carry a negative balance (a credit) but have a history of high activity on the card? For example, I could give Sears $250 every week and ring up about $200-$250 in purchases every week- Using the card, but keeping the balance low. OR.....Is it better the let it get to $450 or so and pay it off back to zero?

Thanks for your input...I never had to worry about issues like this before.
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AZAdrion : I have a card with a low $500. I requested it this way.
I use it for gas, and pay in full when the bill comes in the mail.
This develops great credit without ever paying any interest.
As long as you are paying in full each month, you are doing great!
Just make sure you never carry balances - ok?

Have you tried to apply for other cards?
Your score seems much better now.
Try Discover or Capital One Rewards.
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yangxh63o : Making multiple payments on a credit card per month will not help your credit score. Just wait till the account statement is issued and pay the balance in full and on time. It takes time to heal damaged credit. Any history of paying credit cards on time and in full will help your credit over time.
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whetribather : Spending more than 30% of your credit limit will decrease your credit score. So every month, spend less than that and also pay it off every month. Furthermore, to get a higher credit score you need to have a long history of credit. Meaning, the longer you have a credit card, like your sears one, the higher your score will get. If you see to spend more than 30%, I suggust calling the company and asking to increase your credit limit.
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unwrelemfu : think about it your card limit is not low for no reason it takes time to get back up and it is great you actually got a real cc from (citi) because that makes your teir rating look better and in your case that is actually more important then a raw credit score.
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mehanle : It's not that I don't know HOW.. but, the router is in my brother's room (who is ignorant and immature) and he is playing GTA5. He refuses to lift up the router and show me the code, so I am wondering if there is any other way to gain access to it without physically looking at it.

I'm trying to change my router's security settings, and it has to have the Device Access Code in order to allow me to.. And I don't have a lot of time to waste arguing with my brother about it.

Any response is appreciated..
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qpeilamfyn : try to check out the code when he go to sleep or sth like that ! The address of your router will depend on the brand of router you have and about the password this site might help http://www.routerpasswords.com/. Common brands and their default address include:
Linksys -
3Com -
D-Link -
Belkin -
Netgear -

Microsoft Windows users

Get into the command prompt by clicking Start, Run and typing cmd and pressing enter.
At the command prompt type: ipconfig and press enter. After doing this you should get information similar to the below example.

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : computerhope.com.
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
If you have multiple network adapters make sure you're looking at the Ethernet adapter. The Default Gateway address is the IP address of your router connected to your computer. In the above example the IP address we want to remember is
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