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DrAmbrroose : I filled it out over a week ago and I'm really anxious to get it..they said 7-10 business days..does that include weekends..and take a guess around what day my card should come! Thanks! :')

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Blisdibly : weekends are not business days, they don't count.
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BriniAllorp : i just turned 18 in july and i want a credit card... im not going to buy alot of stuff with it so i can mess up my credit..all i am going to use it for is to pay my gym fee every month an thats $20 a month......... how do i pay the bill? and would i have to pay more than $20 ? yeah i know theres interest fees but like can you give me an average amount how much i will be paying back?......... i am opening an account with chase bank in Hawthorne Nj....i know thats not really going to raise my credit that much but it's a start and i know i'll have to pay back on time.
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irriddick : If you charge the $20 a month on the card you won't have to pay interest on it unless you let it stay on their longer than the next bill, most have a minimum payment also of around $20-30. You only pay interest on what you don't pay off during that particular charging period. Most will allow you to pay it online by linking a bank account to it or you will have to send them a check in the mail.
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AgapeMo : Just start off with a Checking Account.
Then, build up your savings emergency fund of 5 months worth of income.
Then, and only then get a credit card.

New regulations are making it virtually impossible for anyone under 21 to get a credit card. So prove to the credit card company and prove to them that you are financially responsible. They will ask and verify these accounts.

With credit cards, not only should you pay on time, but you should pay in full each month. Otherwise it can cause serious damage to your credit.
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INTILIAGRAITS : I use firebird as an embedded database within an application and I need to write code just to back up the database to either the desktop or external media like a hard drive or flash drive. Can anyone help me? I've never done it before..
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popzqy : For a website I'm developing I need to have two images side by side take up the height of 100% and width 50% from the left and 50% from the right for the 2nd image. Of course, these are high resolution images so it takes a while for them to load and I need to know what you guys recommend for me to do on going about this procedure.
Would there be any way to speed up the loading process?
Maybe hosting the images on photobucket and having my site load it from their servers or just hosting it on my server which takes a while to load... What do I do? Ty ty
Okay thanks, so if I do dumb down the resolution, what would be a resolution you think I should set them to? Like what's the average? or something because these two images will take up 100% of the page side by side. Thanks
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HonsjoriAcino : Always choose CSS over straight HTML. CSS is much more flexible, especially in placing images.

Out of curiosity, why post high res images. I usually reserve high for printing options and use lower res for the web. HTML and CSS won't bypass slow loading if the photos are too high - nothing short of cutting down the images res. will make an impact. If this is strictly for the web, there is no reason to use high res. People won't see the difference between high and medium resolution.
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ANEMAINEE : my " friend " hacked or got access to my computers an im trying to find out what they were doing I found this in a search I read something about remote computer an something about iis manager an private static void

also before my computer "mysteriously" broke where I saw this search it had a giant list of scripts
that actually coordinated with a lot of the weird things I been seeing or missing on my computer if anyone has any insight or web page I can get some idea what is going on but at the end of this list I saw credit application websites an a search for how hard it is to prove identity theft so its really important to me this gets answered in laymen's terms
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