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omittedut : I am currently a college student and going to be a sophomore in this upcoming fall. I have been eager to apply for a credit card but was hesitant since the new CARD act makes it very hard for people my age (19 years old) to get a credit card unless I have co-signer or have sufficient income.

I thought I had nothing to lose if I get denied, I can try again in the future. So I applied to the Capital One Journey Card which claims is great for college students who have no credit history and are building credit. I am currently unemployed and have not worked in 2 years since I have been busy with school. But I have a checking account and savings account which has enough money in both along with my family household income

(The person at capital one told me that the household income should include my parents or those living in my house not just me which I did not lie on since I asked my parents income and was honest about it on the applcation)

I then applied and was confirmed instantly. I was shocked and super exited. It said I should have the card in 7-10 business days. I have a 500 dollar monthly limit which I don't plan on spending that much since I plan to spend on small to medium size things or in emergencies and pay the bill instantly.

As a new card holder, I would like to know why I was approved and all since this CARD ACT makes it stricter. Is it considered a secured card? And is there any other people who have the same card? Any tips to build up my credit and the benefits of this card?

Thank You
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Dwexotocreace : If you didn't give them money or sign over specific property, it's not secured.

Advice: Use it to pay for stuff you'd buy anyway (e.g., groceries), don't charge stuff you can't afford, and always pay the full balance on time.
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SeperoArropsy : Consider yourself blessed that you were approved. Please be very careful with this new credit. It can make or break you later in life. A $500. credit limit isn't much, but if you charge it up, and even make minimum monthly payments, the interest can add up quickly.
Hopefully you can use this credit card to build your credit. Only charge what you know you can afford to pay off completely at the end of the billing cycle. If you must charge more than you can afford to pay at the end of the billing cycle, at least try to make more than the minimum payment (that usually just goes to interest). Check your interest too. If it's a high one 18% or more (as is often the case with new credit holders), make sure you pay the whole thing off each month. That interest can eat you alive.
Best wishes.
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dicSlulpcut : The act makes it HARDER, but not impossible. Cap One must have liked something about you, but I can guarantee that card has a high rate attached to it. The only way it would be a secured card is if YOU wrote Cap One a $500 check. Tip#1-1,000,000 NEVER charge more than what you can afford to pay back in 30 days....EVER.
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Accopidanda : well if the card is taylored for a college student then they will approve you. Now the 500 dollar spending limit is good. My advice is to pay off the balance each month otherwise they will fee you to death with finance chargers also dont miss a payment not only does it ding your credit you APR goes up too. You sounds like your responsible dont get your self into trouble with credit cards it can take years to clean up bad credit!
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kl_EvroShipping : I have a considerably low credit score and I would like to improve it. For that I'm interested in a credit card where I can get a low credit limit after placing a deposit. Any suggestions please?
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Lerosyv : Capitol One Master Card Credit Builder, it has a $750.00 limit
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Allolacib : A secured card.
Wells Fargo has a good one.
Make sure you use it wisely to develop credit, or else it can cause more harm than good.
Use it for something you need like gas each month,
and pay the bill in full when you get it in the mail (replace the money).
No games of carrying balances (paying the minimums).

Suggestion: Please have savings in place before opening any credit.
This should be 5 months worth of income.
No one should live without this.
You never know when you can lose a job, have medical not covered by insurance, or have major car repairs.
In 2010, only 10% of these cards benefited credit.
People with bad credit would get sued by collection agencies or have other emergencies. They would max them out or close the account.
Please become financially stable first.
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Jonut : I want to make a number a word that a specify. I want to get the number from the column in the database called "gender" and convert that number to Male or Female. For example: 1=Male 2=Female

I want to get that number and display it as the specify it as male or female.

How can this be done in php?

Sorry if I didn't explain that well...I have a hard time explaining things. Thanks in advance! (:
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Apapyskyday : How add watermark in mp4
Join two or more Mp3s in One

Is there any PHP Program ? Script For it

If any please give me??
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