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ManexKand : I signed my Daughter up for a Gymnastics class at the beginning of June. After one class we decided it wasn't for her. I tried to cancel, but they said they had to have 30 days notice, and it was impossible to give that many days before our next billing period, so I would be charged for July.

I called my bank and got a new debit card with a new expiration date and had the old card canceled. On my billing date I wasn't charged, so I thought I was ok. Three weeks later, I saw a charge on my new card from the gymnastics center.

Is it ok for a business to cycle through random expiration dates to charge me?

Thank you.
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doristop : Likely the account number didn't change so the charge went through even though the account had a new expiration date, This is common practice so people don't need to reauthorize with all their merchants each time a card expires. The other option is that gym put a hold on the account for the total amount due on the entire contract at the time you signed up. Their plan is to just use a month's worth of the hold each month.
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HogapalaMaipt : No, it wouldn't be okay to do that. But it's more likely that the gym used the old information, and the bank let it go through.
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sherSarlefs : Just as OK as it was for you to cancel your card to avoid your legal opbligation to pay them. Which is not at all. Point is, you owed them, so if you want to complain about what they did, expect to hear back about trying to rip them off. You owed the money no matter what.
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rebecontannyM : I agree with G- the bank let it go through because it is a normal charge on your account month to month.. I would call the bank and complain though, to me that means who ever was running those automatics through wasnt paying attention because a computer would have caught that!
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andgeiil : You already authorized them to charge your account and owed it, so what is the problem. Did you think you could get out of the charge by getting a new debit card. It doesn't work that way. You can dispute a charge you did not make, but if you dispute this it is unlikely to be dropped because you did owe it.
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gallvoign : The gymnastic class didn't cycle thru random expiration dates. Your bank just transferred the charge to the new card. Replacing your debit card does not stop recurring charges. Most banks automatically transfer recurring charges to your new card as a courtesy so you don't have to contact all those people and change the card.
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Asyncinaccich : Im buying my first car car and I was wondering why people pay with credit cards. You have to pay for insurance, pay monthly installments with interest, and then pay interest on the money you draw from the credit card. You can be paying much more than you need to. If im paying 1000 a month by debit then why do I need a credit card and why do people have them because they still have to pay the credit card company eventually?
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Pawwrercesata : credit cards are the shackles of slavery for under educated
and those whose 'inner child' rule them.
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lwilliamb : Almost 60% of people pay credit cards in full each month.
They never pay interest (or fees) and develop great credit.
Please do not think just because a person is using a credit card that they are paying interest.
Drawing money from a credit card would be insane. A cash advance.
Anyone doing this would have to have a hole in their head.

Credit cards are a free way to develop good credit.
Plus you need them to rent cars, travel, hotels, etc.
They offer extended warranties.
And also offer a lot much more security (protection) than a debit card does.
Suffer fraud from that debit card, and good luck getting your money back.

You didn't know that you can pay credit cards in full each month and avoid interest?
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