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cragfargo : I applied to Staples net pay business credit card and got a nice credit limit and they did not even run my personal credit, even though they asked for additional information. That was really great. The catch is that "we" the business has to pay off the balance in full every month. That is the best Staples can do. Is there a company out there the business can apply to and get a regular credit line for the business. My ex partner was really keen on building business credit and he somewhat built a D&B file. I am basically trying to pick up where he left off. Any advise ? Thanks

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dsyez001 : How do you build fantastic business credit?
You get a card and you pay it in full each month.
Sounds like your Staples card which will report to all 3 credit bureaus and establish beautiful credit
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esyez021 : Most major credit card issuers offer a line of credit products geared towards businesses. Your best bet is to find one you like (Amex maybe) and apply. All Staples gave you was a charge card.
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xiaozh5p : You applied for a net pay account. Net pay is paid off monthly.
Staples offers a revolving business account, but you have to specify what type of account you want!!!
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tomn067 : My credit card plan with capital one is, if i have my card paid off in full every month, i will not get charged any interest or annual fees.

My credit card payment is due today and its paid off in full.

So my question is, if i use my card today, will i have to pay it off again before midnight? Or will the charge show on next months billing cycle.
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monitautto : It will show on your next statement.
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Fraurnerevy : Actually - find the "statement date" on your credit card. That's the cutoff for when purchases will appear. For example, my credit card this month had a statement date of Aug 14th, payment due Sept 4th. Any purchases that were made after Aug 14th would appear on the next statement.
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josede73sk : The statement date might be a couple of days after the payment due date. If you add on another charge after the due date and have a balance due on the statement date it will apply to the next month's statement. You should be OK.
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sxgigifsbsxl : 500-600MB for a site?

I'd pay you £0 for that.

Pay varies, but why do you ask?
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xseooneku : When I design a site for clients, I figure out what they want to do with their site. I then give a quote based on the functions of the site.

For maintenance I charge $25 per hour
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