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Vytrar1tet :

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Vorsanaffow : Use money
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MusSmurnenusa : Stop using the card or pay off the balance each month.
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cragfargo : You pay the balance in full each month when the bill arrives!
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ManexKand : Pay the balance in full each month
Voila - you can use your credit card for a lifetime without paying a penny in interest
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Uloyalyday : Pay the bill in full at the end of the month or stop using your card.
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expahReal : I am 19 right now and going to be 20 around the corner. I have yet to get a credit card of any kind and have no credit to my name.

Soo I want to know what would be a good credit card for someone with no credit. I don't want interest to kill me. or have a high annual fee

Thank you!
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srfecti644 : interest will never kill you. the rate does not matter because smart people never charge more then they can pay in full every month.

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You must be at least 21 for a CC (special exceptions like being fifthly rich to start with do apply) must have over 18K income for more the one year or a parent co signer which if they want to help far better to add you to their existing CC as the age of the account will help you more then a new card, they can control your spending do not have to give you card to help your credit, and they know the bill is paid or not so their credit is not screwed up if you screw up.

This answer is not popular but I am one of the few with over 800 CS and this is how I and everyone like me started. Best cheapest way to establish credit is a secured bank loan pay off over 7 months and repeat until you can get an unsecured one. Getting a CC to start your file is not only stupid because even if you get one the limit will be so low you will cause more harm then good using it is stupid because until you have practice paying debts CC offer to much freedom
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Jestreems : I believe Blue Host is best :
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Dumnbiannon : I would suggest to you get the get the hosting from here they provide Linux based web hosting services.They provide good Network uptime and their customer service and support are very good.
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