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UUVUV : I recently got my credit report and score to take care of my debts from when I was younger (i intend on paying the full amounts within the next 2 months) and to improve my credit score to eventually be able to have a lender extend a line of credit to me. I have done some research and this is my situation...
I have an installment loan that was paid on time every month until it was paid satisfactorily.. the only positive thing on there :(
I have a judgment against me for $800 from Dec 2008 that will be paid but will stay on the report no matter what from what I have read.
I have a medical bill for $350 that went to collections.. it's from May of 2006 which I may be able to get them to remove from my credit report with a settlement agreement and then I may not but it will be taken care of finally :)
The next two items are from the same debt and both show as open:
$450 from and unsecured loan opened in Aug 2008 and from what I understand they then sold the loan to a collector and it shows that I owe them $550 from Feb 2009. I know that the Original loan should show that I owe $0 because it was sold so I will have to dispute

(If I'm wrong on any of this please correct me)
I should write a letter to the credit bureau disputing which company has the right report currently (not sure exactly what to say though) to start with. Would I be better off waiting til the second collector has been paid in full with whatever settlement I may be able to get or should I start the process now. I understand the purpose of the credit report is to accurately show my credit history but I know having something removed will improve my score a little in the short term and I would really like instant gratification for my efforts even if that being very hopeful.
so is there any possibility of the Original loan being removed if I can show that it was paid through another lender before i dispute it or will it just show up as $0? (probably just wishful thinking)
Can I pay the Original loaner and pay the collection agency for whatever they paid for the loan and have it reduced to one thing on my credit report. Where should I start?
How much will it effect my score (526) to have this changed to $0 and which way?
I have been led to believe that paying them can drop my score so... What will paying off all of my debt do short term? Long term? (I'm doing it either way just want to know what to expect)
I intend to get a secure credit card to help improve my credit...Would it be better to leave a small balance each month but pay more than the minimum never charging over 30% of the limit or pay them off in full each month?
My job now is one of the best around here steady income Does that have any effect on my score?
Any advise on anything to help me improve my score/report would help a lot.
sorry it's so long wanted to get all info out there because I'd like opinions on my best line of action
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marleroker : With a secured card (just like a credit card) you must pay in full each month for the best rating.

One note about paying very old debts?
Did you know that these items drop off your credit report after 7 1/2 years?
If you pay them, you could re-set the SOL making it appear for another 7 1/2 years.

What you are doing for your medical bills is a Pay on Delete.
See if they will send you this in writing in case they "forget" to delete it.
If you pay off that loan from August 2008 make sure you pay the current holder (not the old).
Once you pay that off (or negotiate a settlement) then you can dispute the older one.
Next time ask shorter questions - one thing at a time. You'll get better answers.

Hope you got all 3 of your credit reports - not just one...
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Alibabamen : Negotiate a settlement with the collection agency. You can't go back to the original creditor. Get the settlement agreement in writing and don't give them access to your bank account. Wait another 60 days to allow the collection agency to update the debt as paid.

At that point, you can then send your dispute about the original creditor still showing the balance due. But be prepared to see your score go DOWN when the original creditor updates that listing to show the charge off. The charge off is a serious derogatory item. Showing an amount due would mean little to your score.

Getting the medical debt removed will help your score but you still have serious derogatory items showing. Paying them will not help your score at all. You will need at least 24 months of consistent, on time payment history to improve your score. If you don't have an open, active line of credit, get a credit card, even if you have to get a secured card. Use the card and pay the balance in full every month. In about a year, you might qualify for a regular account.
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DalVelmactill : It should not show $0 if you did not pay it. It should show $0 only if you paid it. If they sold it, and you did not pay, then it should show the amount that you owed them until they sold it.

You cannot have it reduced to a single thing. A credit report is a list of what you owe and also what you used to owe. If you owed each of them, then they must both be listed, even if you pay.

Your job does not affect your credit score.

Paying in full is best.
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CarmenOA : I am trying to apply to a citi bank forward card for students to help me build my credit. I graduate at the end of the year and I have part time job. The question is, is it okay if the name on my credit card differs from the name on my social security card?
My U.S. birth certificate says one name, and my social security card says a different name.
My Driver License and school records go by what is on my birth certificate so it's most logical to use the name on my birth certificate for my credit card as well, especially when some cashiers check check the name on both your ID and credit card when trying to purchase something. Citi Bank sent me a Form SSA-89 form, to validate my social security number. They sent it last month and this month, not sure why.. I'm wondering if it's because of the different names..
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IrredsPruri : You do have a huge problem: The name on your Social Security Card needs to match your Birth Certificate. Only you know why it does not.

For now the bank will need verification that the social security card really belongs to you. You need to make a trip to the nearest Social Security Office and get this problem fixed.

The problem you have is not which name to choose.... but to correct the one on your Social Security Card. You can easily land in a big heap of trouble and anything, from I.D. theft to incorrect information on your credit reports caused by this mistake, can make your entire financial future miserable.
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ImassyjageDam : I was wandering if there was some way to scan an actual paper printed from a printer or a page from a book and then edit the text similar to a word document. If possible I would like to do tjis without huyingsoftwhare or scanners. I have a galagy note 2 that I was wandering if I could substitute for a scanner. Thanks.
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wanb4669 : If you have the right kind of scanner, yes.
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DogTrainer : if you scan it with your phone as PDF and you have the program Acrobat XI Standard on your computer, you will be able to edit the text.
your can download the trial version.
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INTILIAGRAITS : I use firebird as an embedded database within an application and I need to write code just to back up the database to either the desktop or external media like a hard drive or flash drive. Can anyone help me? I've never done it before..
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