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DogTrainer : Is there a way I can sign up for a card or something like it, and have instant access?

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suodi668 : Nope. You need to receive the physical card in the mail and activate it before you can use it.
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plotolacy : No...applications must be processed unless you go into a store and they can piggy back on an existing major credit card (for example, many department stores have their own cards they can process immediately if they can verify you have a VISA or MasterCard in good standing). To get a VISA or MasterCard, however, you are talking a few days to process the application (do a credit check, verify your employment, etc.)
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waterfilter : No - for obvious reasons.
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ReltBoopsop : Anyone that desperate should not even get a credit card and you probably won't due to other irrational decisions you have made in the past.
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Edillcelf : No
They have to mail it to you and you need to activate it before you can use it.
If you were asking about this so you can use it online, you would need the 3 digit security code on the back in order to complete your order anyways.

Now, the only way I know you can use an online credit account instantly is if you are using Bill Me Later...or even some credit cards that encourage you to apply to use towards your online purchase that day. The thing is, you can only use it towards that purchase, on that site, and only once.
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Byhopynep : Okay, I guess I do have some credit.... I have a student loan out, but I am not due to start payments on that until I graduate in January. When I do graduate, I will be making my payments in full each month. I'm worried that until the student loan is paid off completely, my credit score will be too low for me to qualify for an apartment. I don't have any credit cards, nor have I ever had one. I also do not want to apply for a credit card at the time being.

I don't have anyone that can co-sign with me. My parents have told me that they refuse to co-sign as they have been burned by co-signing for other people in the past.

So what can I do? Is it just going to be impossible for me to get an apartment with my credit history?
I already have a job. I worked part time at the same place for 5 years, some of that while I was attending college. Now that I am due to graduate, I have been offered a full time position which pays more than enough to live on.
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tatocuctuaply : Bin there dont that. You either going to live in a dump (crack house, pun), or a roach motel.
Credit is everything. If you make enough money you might get by.

You should get a good friend to cosign with you if possible.
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abyy1319 : the falsity of credit for rentals is just that - false.
u need a job, full time, earning 4 times the rent.
u need 1st month, security/cleaning deposit
and maybe a last month deposit.
many top name apartment complexes will rent
to u if u have that and another month rent for
u will need $$ for utilities.

if locals are idiots about credit scores - find
a mom/pop place to rent from.
never rent more than 6 months to start.
longer terms will bite u in rear.

do read Total money make over , Dave Ramsey.
to save u 10,000s$ and decades of pain filled
hard life lessons about money and credit slavery.

good knowledge is good luck.
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goodevry11 : It will only be impossible for you to get an apartment at one of the places that checks credit scores.

It will be possible for you to get an apartment at any of the thousands of places that do not look at credit scores.
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