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GahAssems : I need and instant credit card now, as in, able to use it right now. my credit isn't horrible, but its not great. im also 19. i need to buy a plane ticket as soon as possible. im also broke, and have no job. dont mess with me right now. and dont tell me this is a bad idea, because i understand that. somethings are more important though, like me getting to the midwest from the west coast. i dont care if the APR is horrible ill deal with it later.

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aOccuchunedy : The new law that went into effect this year requires that anyone under 21 must provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for a credit card or have a parent co-sign. No job = no credit card.

Even if you had good credit and proof of income and were approved for a credit card, it would NOT be instant. You would have to wait for the card to be mailed to you. The only instant credit cards are store cards that you apply for in the store and they allow you to make a limited charge at that time.
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FriendNicholas : You need to get a credit card to buy a plane ticket???? I mean I don't know if its an emergency or not but think about you don't have money and you don't have an income. Without an income no credit card period because how are you going to make the credit card payments????? They aren't going to approve your applications in any method. Now lol if you just want to buy that plane ticket just because you want to travel get a job save the money and pay in cash. Lol you sure do love to get in trouble with credit cards.
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hemeokrmer : I'm trying to start my credit but i have applied to many credit cards but all of them decline.
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dokoccund : New federal regulations are in place
- 21 or older
- Salary must be sufficient (minimum wage or part time not enough).
- Employed for one solid year.

Better idea: Start a saving account.
Have 5 months worth of income put away.
Credit will come easy once you are financially stable.
Savings will always, always be more important than credit.
Stop applying for credit until you get this in place.
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torgonitoh : 1.

What you are definitely doing wrong is that you "have applied to many credit cards".

Because you applied to many, they all decline, because you applied to many.

You cannot be approved if you apply to many.


What you are probably doing wrong is applying for cards that are only for individuals who have already started their credit.

Only "secured" credit cards are for individuals who are trying to start their credit. All other credit cards decline anyone who has not yet started their credit.


If you want to start your credit, then you must first stop applying. After you do not apply for more than a year, you must next try to get only a "secured" credit card, without applying for any other kind of credit card.
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MargaretAnderson : I'm curious to try out the Linux operating system but I'm having trouble getting started. From what I understand, you can keep your operating system and boot-up Linux from your CD drive. I have a CD/DVD burner but I don't have any blank CDs. Just blank DVDs. That doesn't make any difference does it? The one time I attempted to burn the Linux image onto a blank DVD I did something wrong because it didn't turn out right.

There is also a booting up problem with my computer. About five years ago I turned on my computer and it started making an annoying loud noise. I couldn't figure it out until I opened my computert. One of fan blades for the main cooling fan snapped off. I disconnected it and I've been using a small heater fan (with the heat turned off of course) to cool off my computer. It works fine but every time I boot up my computer I get this message "Fan not connected. Service computer." Then I have to press F2 to bypass that. Will this boot up problem prevent me from booting up to Linux? Is there a way to completely bypass this interruption?

I bought this computer refurbished in 2006 and it came with XP Pro. I've never been able to find a virus protection program that doesn't slow down my computer substantially. So instead of using a program I've been cleaning up my system with CCleaner and Malware Bytes every two weeks. It would be nice if I didn't have to worry about viruses. Any help (or experience descriptions) in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.
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loyalsecils : You can also install Linux from a live distro contained in a pen drive using the program Unetbootin
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acilivesserma : comodo and avast don't slow down a computer, only too many processes running can do that , linux is not for beginners or even fairly advanced computer users as you are finding even loading it can be tiresome , using ccleaner will wreck your computer and malwarebytes isn't an antivirus , yahoo users love ccleaner but in many cases it does more harm than good , even having a backup feature is no good if the computer will not boot and there is no clue as to why, new fan would cost $4 on ebay
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Oxymnlync : I don't know if Virtual Box supports XP pro, but if you install it you can boot from the ISO image and forego messing with CD/DVD. Virtual Box is free and allows you to install
many OS's like almost all Linux and Windows. Now the graphics/mouse are kind of clunky, but it allows you to test most things.

It will take a few gigabyes, like 8-10 for each OS free on your disk.
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