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VRudikon : Been using Paypal for years, for EBay. Now I am in a tiff with them over a THIEF who has ripped off other EBayers galore, and he keeps getting away with it, claiming fraudulent use of his credit card. Paypal thinks I am going to fork over $29.99 that I "OWE" them. BULLDUNG too. They will NEVER get it! Not the money, the principle that they are parties to this thief.
But, I have to continue to use Ebay, and need to know what other instant patment services there are out there. Help!
Tax Lady..if you think really HAVE TO use Ebay, rather than a different internet application, Dream on yourself, lol. When push comes to shove, I am the one who shoves, lady.

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Amommagum : I like Squareup. It allows you to personally accept credit cards. It's newhowever and you may have a ahrd time getting buyers to give you their credit card information.

It's worth checking it out, though. Link below.
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2ord111n : eBay OWNS paypal.

If you think you can permanently leave a negative balance on your paypal account and happily use eBay with another service, dream on.
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Pausypey : Okay, so I have never applied for any type of credit card or basically have no credit what so ever, so... I didn't really know what it was about and one of my friends suggested I try a student credit card. I applied to Discover Student Card and was quickly denied.. reason being "INSUFFICIENT CREDIT EXPERIENCE" on the ads it makes it seem like the card is supposed to help you earn credit.. yet you obviously have to meet some standard? My transunion credit score is 252 (which apparently goes from low 040 to high 940)... how is my credit score 252 and how can I obviously increase that score. I have both a checking and a savings, but have not had them for very long (under 6 months) and I do not currently work as I am a full time freshman with 18 credit hours a semester.. what can I do?
I lied, it's not transunion it's L2C?
The report gave me this website
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jajidmeu : Makes no diffference what that score is. It's not a FICO score and is completely worthless -- creditors use FICO. Bank accounts do not build credit. Credit history is build with loans and credit cards. Your current FICO score is probably 0 since you have no credit history.

The law that went into afffect a couple years ago, requires people under 21 to provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for a credit card or have a parent co-sign. Most cards want to see at least 12 months of full time employment to go with that income. If you have no job, you are not going to get a credit card, even if you had some credit history.

You will probably have to start with a secured credit card -- you pay a deposit which is held as collateral against the line of credit.
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Inettyday : it might have nothing to do with your score and more to do with the amount of time you have had your bank accounts and how much money is held in them (how often you deposit and withdraw money too).

I got denied my first credit card for that reason, then I applied for a student credit card THROUGH MY BANK *key here*

try applying for a student card through your bank and see where that gets you. Don't just apply to any student card you find to see if you get accepted (it reflect negatively on your score... especially if you get denied a bunch of times).

also checking your score multiple times can hurt it too so don't pull up your score all the time (only when necessary)
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swonArodo : Read all

You must be at least 21 for a CC (special exceptions like being fifthly rich to start with do apply) must have over 18K income for more the one year or a parent co signer which if they want to help far better to add you to their existing CC as the age of the account will help you more then a new card, they can control your spending do not have to give you card to help your credit, and they know the bill is paid or not so their credit is not screwed up if you screw up.

This answer is not popular but I am one of the few with over 800 CS and this is how I and everyone like me started. Best cheapest way to establish credit is a secured bank loan pay off over 7 months and repeat until you can get an unsecured one. Getting a CC to start your file is not only stupid because even if you get one the limit will be so low you will cause more harm then good using it is stupid because until you have practice paying debts CC offer to much freedom
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HeteHailm : First, you can stop applying. One reason your score is low is because you applied. If you stop applying for more than a year, then it will go up a little.

Moving onto the other issues:

1. Your friend's suggestion was wrong. A "student" credit card means a credit card for students who have already had a credit card. A "student" credit card is not for anyone who has never had a credit card.

2. It is against the law to approve anyone who is under 21 and does not have a job, a cosigner, or proof of income. Until you get one of those three things, or turn 21, you cannot be approved for any credit card. The only thing applying will do will be to lower your credit score even more.
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JesPritesus : heres the program:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class CreditCard1

public static void main(String args [])

Scanner input = new Scanner(;

double startAmt;
double cardRate = .14;
double monthPayment = .05;
double remBalance = 0;
double month = 0;

System.out.print(" Eneter money on credit card: ");
remBalance = startAmt = input.nextDouble();

while(remBalance > 0){
remBalance = remBalance - (remBalance * monthPayment );
month++;//month = month + 1

System.out.printf(" %.2f", month);

heres the problem:

the computer will compile it bc i get no errors. when i run the program it will take in the

System.out.print(" Eneter money on credit card: ");

but then it stops. it doesn't go any further and the line on DOS will just blink and i cant move or navigate anywhere

The wired think is that i made a similar program but instead of this statement

remBalance = remBalance - (remBalance * monthPayment );

i had the satement

remBalance = remBalance - (startAmt * monthPayment );
this program worked perfectly fine

What wrong with the program I have here??
I am in very basic java =)
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Upsennykelp : Try it in Linux and/or use another Java renderer like OpenJDK.
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