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ivanbyss : I just created PayPal account when I buy stuff on eBay it kept making me pay with echeck instead of instead payment from credit/debit card can someone help me out, is it because of my credit card going to expired soon? my credit card expired in 2 month, Echeck sucks took 6 days to cleared.

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Makvsell1887 : Perhaps you need to verify your account first.
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ForexSystem : I apply for horizon credit card and you have charge me for it. I want to know if I get approve or not?
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stoffCitsmord : Just call them.
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Sepecoagree : I've spent too many hours, looking online and trying to fix it myself. I've tried to remove the program and reinstall it. I don't know what to do. My fingerprint scanner was working fine for the first few months. Then all of a sudden it stops working. When I opened the program the try and redo the finger prints an error message would appear; "-1066 fingerprint sensor device reported a hardware failure." I don't know how to fix this. No information online really tells me how to resolve this. I'm tired of removing the software and reinstalling it. Each time is another failure. I went into the thinkvantage part of my lenovo, in it's settings to try and do updates/repairs, but to no avail. I'm stuck and really want to use my fingerprint reader, one of the only cool things about my computer.

additional info: It's a windows vista program on my lenovo thinkpad T61. Comes with thinkvantage and runs with 32-bit.
I've had my computer for less than 2 years, and the issue with my scanner began atleast 5 months in, give or take.
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wekToogeattam : Okay, now you want to build a site for a company with normal graphics and stuff, not much things to be uploaded, lets say about 500-600 MB, the company has its own domain and stuff, you just need to design the site, publish it and maintain it, so how much you charge?
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sxgigifsbsxl : 500-600MB for a site?

I'd pay you £0 for that.

Pay varies, but why do you ask?
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xseooneku : When I design a site for clients, I figure out what they want to do with their site. I then give a quote based on the functions of the site.

For maintenance I charge $25 per hour
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IXRobert : Are there any other great programs like meitu? Either for editing photos, or webcam softwares or effects for webcams. Anything cute and Asian relared!

Thanks. (:

Also, like the webcam softwares, I am talking about things like youcam, but more cutesy and stuff. I once saw a girl from China or Taiwan on youtube with the cutest effects and what not.
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