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spooppils : It was instant for my other cards.

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jajidmeu : Not all credit cards have instant approvals. In fact most of them do not.

Many will send you a letter of denial, tell you online you have been denied or send you the card.

Were you denied for the credit card then?

You can also check the credit cards website on most credit cards to see if you were approved or not.
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sopkolifi : Credit cards are harder to get in the current environment. In other cases they want to verify information so if you call them up, you may get approval over the phone. If you applied for the other cards recently, they may be concerned about the amount of credit you're acquiring so quickly. Hard to guess the situation without more information.
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Linafgk7 : Only certains cards offer instant approvals. Most stopped that a few years ago when the financial industry began to melt down. 729 is a great credit score!
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qndrew2012 : Can I buy a prepaid credit card from someplace like Walgreens, put money on it there at the check-out counter, and then use it to be swiped at the redbox machine for renting movies? Then again I don't know if overdue fees could be applied to a prepaid credit card. Just wondering if I could do something like this. Thanks.
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Immuptect : very doubtful it would work as prepaid are not CC can only suggest you try. if you already have a card all prepaid cards are a waste of money when you look at the fees
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graiccabs : Yes. I have used one and it (surprisingly) worked. :)
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Septonesoro : I have found these in my programs and I don't remember seeing it before and it says its been downloaded this month.

Does anyone know what these are??

Conduit Engine - Publisher.. Condiut LTD.

Installl Converter A Toolbar IE - Publisher.. Installl

And yes, there are 3 Ls

What are they??? And what should I do??
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wekToogeattam : You have PUPs, potentially unwanted programs. Download and run AdwCleaner, junkware removal tool and Malwarebytes Antimalware.
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Immuptect : Godaddy is one of the best out there.
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