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Rinkaliskiply : I want a credit card that ISN'T prepaid. I have great credit.....but based on not much.
I have a JCPenney card that I've made a TON of purchases on and paid all my bills on time, an American Eagle card that I've made only one purchase on and paid the bill on time, my tuition payments, and my family recently switched to Fios which is under my name. I'm pretty sure I had perfect credit, but I applied for a bank credit card and was denied mostly for not having enough credit.

Now since that brought my credit down, I'm paranoid about applying and getting denied again for the same reason with a different company. If my bank won't accept me, who will?! The only credit cards I can find with instant approval are prepaid.

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shumbamma : By any chance are you under age 21 and attending college? If so, you will be turned down for new credit cards due to a recent change in federal law. The only way you can get a credit card under the current law is (a) by having a parent co-sign for you, or (b) proving that you are working more or less full-time while attending school, and have a sizable and regular income.
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JulianD8 : Ashley.... it might not be a credit thing. Finance companies look over not only your personal credit history but how long you have been employed and how long you have lived at home for. Most company's now require you have stability of at least 2-3 years...sometimes 5 years at work or at home to prove stability. Without stability they will rate your score...low. Also..if you apply too many times in 1 year or with a 6 month period this may be seen as desperate for credit and they won't approve you based on that even if your credit is A+.
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Astottope : I was reading information from my credit score .com and it was saying that installment loans hurt your credit. if you have the money you should pay it as quick as possible. I was under the impression that if i payed it over time on time i would help my credit. why would they say car loans hurt credit score.

This is what i read:

"14% of your Credit Score is based on the types of accounts you have. It's a little complicated, but the simple answer is that Real Estate Accounts and Credit Card Accounts generally help your credit, Installment Accounts (like Auto Loans) generally hurt your credit, and Retail Card Accounts don't play a significant role.

We would never suggest you buy a house to improve your Credit Score, and it's rather difficult to close an Installment Loan unless you have enough money available to pay the loan all at once. That leaves credit cards, and once you have two of those, you're unlikely to see additional gains to your score in respect to the types of accounts you have. Fair warning, every time you apply for a new account that will add an inquiry to your report - and that could potentially lower your score."

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sageseepamb : these sites are so full of crap. they want you to apply for credit cards through their links so they get paid. All installment loans help your credit if you pay on time. What they do not do is help you a lot after the first 6 months. All installment loans need a full 6 month pay history or you get nothing for points. however you also get about 80% of the points you will gain from the first 7-12 months thus most installment loans like cars you gain almost nothing more for longer terms.

So take a car because I have excellent credit I can borrow 100% of purchase price even sales tax and everything. first payment I pay 80% of the loan off (saves interest) then for the 6 payments I just pay the regular payment then payment 8 I pay off the balance. I have a true fico of well over 800. My last car loan was 2 months ago at 1/2% for a 5 year term from a BANK. Excellent credit pays.
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TareMastpeene : Anytime you apply for a new loan or credit card, it will drop about 3 points which is no big deal.
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tieday0826 : I suggest that you stop pulling your report/score thru Their advice is crap.

Installment loans build your credit by making the payments over time. You have to pay on a car loan for 12 to 18 months to do much for your score, but it definitely does not hurt your FICO score. In fact, real credit experts recommend 3 or 4 credit cards and 2 installment loans to get the best mix of credit for the best FICO scores.

Also, keep in mind that creditors review your whole credit report, not just the score. Having a mix of credit cards and installment loans is better than just having a bunch of credit cards.

Retail credit cards count just like any other credit card. The problem with retail cards is they have limited use and high interest rates. Better to have 2 or 3 major credit cards -- with different banks, of course.

One more thing. Yes, applying for credit causes a hard inquiry which dings your score a few points. But your score rebounds quickly. Of all the things on your credit report to worry about, hard inquiries should be at the very bottom of the list.
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NEWFLINDLEW : I'm about to exsplode my other half installed a O2 dongle that never worked on my lap top and now the pissing connection manager is destroying my life!

It disconnects me whenever it feels like it! I am not very computer clever so I asked my brother who is super computer smart he said that I need to go to programs and then to uninstall I have looked for it but it does not exist so he said look in the C file find it then press shift and delete. I found it in my C file but when I tried to delete it, it said to get the administrator to deal with it ahhhh!!! What the fu*k!!! I own this piece of crap if I want to delete something I should be able to!!

My brother will not answer his phone please someone tell me how to get rid of this stupid connection manager that I never wanted so it is gone forever and never comes back pleaaaaasseee I beg you the first one who manages to uninstall this cryptic piece of crap so I can have a normal life gets 10 points!
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BadBobbiehui : Hey,

is there a way to design a link that you can send through mail, chat or other service to identify who clicked on them?

I read couple weeks ago that one of the people identified that way that Microsoft was "clicking" on links sent through skype. I just want to test the same method for surveillance reasons in my country.

So what would be an easiest way to design such a link? (I am not a web programmer, I have very little technical knowledge of software programming, very little)

Thank you in advance.
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Quawsibia : This may work. Type about:config in Firefox address bar and in window that opens click 'I'll be careful, I promise' then go down page to browser.sessionstore.interval you'll see a value of 150000, which is in milliseconds. (Meaning your session is saved every so often.) I changed this to 300000, So Right Click the number and click the top one and in next window change 150000 to 300000. then just close Firefox and start up again. Good Luck
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